Help recover coins

2 years ago I invested in crypto. Everything was fine, but at one point the wallet from the PC just changed. I didn’t touch anything. help me figure this out

what was the wallet? and what do you mean changed?



I mean that the wallet disappeared from the computer

Who will help me restore my coins i rdy pay 1 Litecoin . Please Help me
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Contact Losh11 a moderator on here. He has a post I can’t seem to find on how to backup and check your drive and see about recovering your LTC. :slight_smile: Good luck.


the problem is that I did not touch anything and one day I went in and the balance on the wallet is 0 сoins

ok if the wallet file disappeared - do you know the private key? if so, just re-import it.

edit - I just read where you said the wallet shows empty - so is it because the wallet.dat file is missing? or is there a transaction showing the funds were removed?

He just changed to another. I don’t know my key. Only the security password that I set. I searched for deleted files from the pc, but I could not find the desired wallet

Wallet.dat Corrupted. This error tells me if I try to replace the wallet

should always keep your keys backed up.