I need help figuring out if my LTC got hacked

Hey all, I have spent the last week going through all my crypto transactions on coinbase pro just to document all the movement on and off the platform with regards to my coins and funds. I noticed that a year and a half ago last summer my account sent 4.1 litecoins to this address (MVbpgRPH2z3meHZb6WvAVkYo1ZrCgtL6JF). I have no recollection of withdrawing any LTC and can’t think of any reason why I would pull them off of CB. I didn’t even have any hardware wallets or other exchanges at the time to send any coins to. Also, this wallet sent those 4.1 LTC to the 45th biggest LTC in the world shown here (LTrWnhVGpoUsKfRnPfifQiHheyhcDhgFjU)
I am very confused on what the circumstances are and maybe I am having a memory moment but I am curious if this could have been a hack and if there’s any steps I could take to figure out where those LTC went. It is really bugging me that I have zero idea what happened with those litecoins. Thanks

What is your Litecoin balance on Coinbase? Is it 4.1 LTC? If it is, then you have not lost anything and Coinbase still acknowledges that it still owes 4.1 LTC to you.

The address you’ve presented probably doesn’t belong to you, but to Coinbase. The 45th largest LTC address that you have presented probably is owned by Coinbase as well, so they’re probably just moving the money in their custody around.

If you want to have self-custody of your Litecoin, I suggest that you learn about clients, which are programs that will help you hold the cryptographic keys to move your Litecoin around. Here is an answer to someone else that I have provided in the past and might help you begin to understand self-custody:

How to get my wallet address?

The 4.1 LTC were withdrawn from my account and sent to a wallet (not mine). So the LTC are gone from my account as shown by my activity on CB. The withdrawal was approved by a comfirmation code text from CB sent to my phone, I found the exact text from the time those funds were withdrawn. But I don’t remember doing any of that. It just doesn’t add up.

At the time that hack happened, a hacker putting effort into stealing your Litecoin would only gain less than USD 2000, so unless if it were quite easy to hack your account and steal your Litecoin (a possibility to be considered, since there are hackers that specialize in grabbing SMS messages), it’s probably not worth the effort of trying. Two-factor authentication using Google Authentication is slightly better in that regard (since the hacker would have to have access to your phone, which is harder to do).

If your Litecoin has been lost, there isn’t much that can be done about it. Consider self-custody.

Yeah I already moved all my funds off the exchange, that’s the reason I found this discrepancy while going through my account transactions. Guess I got hacked but only for a very small portion of my funds thankfully

Nobody but you knows the answer to that question. You should seek out an expert right away if you are correct.