How high LTC will go?

Seems like BTC pump infected other coins which are outperform BTC in their rising.
ETH hit 0,01
XMR hit 0,016
DASH hit 0,0135
LTC stagnate but LTC better all of them.
How high LTC can go?

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I think it will hit 0.02 - 0.03

Dash hit 0,02 btc on btc-e
Mega pump

Wtf is happening xD dash from 12 to 20 in 5 min. Eth doubled in a few days and all we see lite is doing nothing?

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Everyone looking forward motions on the LTC, they must be epic.
To surprise the other forks LTC must beat ATH :smiling_imp:
And I think it can do it!

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It is painful to watch to drop LTCBTC on 0,00396 when the other alts increase strongly. :confounded:

When you look back at the previous bitcoin rallies, litecoin always did the same thing. It first dropped like a rock, and then in the middle of the bitcoin rally it goes totally berserk, out of nowhere.
I don´t know how low it will drop, but in the coming weeks, it probably will go above 0.02 in a very short time, directly from the bottom. At least I think it will do the same thing this time. Althoug since it drops so low, I don´t expect it to go above 0.03 :frowning:

“as berserk” hm, I like these )))). I do not know whether history will repeat again. But at the moment LTC greatly disappointed me and has taken away a lot of my money. It almost made me bankrupt. :cry:

I say patience is key. What I like about LTC is that there is really absolutely no hype. All these other coins like ETH, Monero and so on, there is always a lot of hype behind them.
LTC on the other hand is pure silver/gold ratio with regard to bitcoin. Therefore I assume that it will always behave in a similar way. (I hope hehe)

im still waiting since april 2016 but LTC droping lower and lower :cry:

How (low) LTC will go?


LTC dead.
Lets go to DASH/ETH/XMR/ZEC/XRP market.

First lesson: when BTC dumps, buy USD :sob:
now I’m a LTC hodler hoping for a broke even

I’m LTC holder 1 year already and I have only disappointing.
I would not wish to anyone to become a LTC holder.

Im disappointed to. Would segwit do any difference?

I think no. LTC does not need block scaling solution. Also Lightning Networks is not a thing which can attract new investors to LTC. IMHO

Some good insight can be gained here, coblee has it right.

Some other things to be aware of:

  • LTC transactions per day are up
  • “Real” trading volume has exploded to $10M+/day
  • LTC active addresses per day are way up
  • LTC wealth distribution is beginning to spread out (richest < 50%)
  • LTC node count is up

See for yourself.
Sources: /

I won’t speculate on the price at the moment, but I an assure anyone reading this that LTC overall activity is waking up and blowing the roof off the house.



It’s not so much about needing the scaling solution so much as proving LTC can be agile where BTC cannot be.

If segwit can get activated within a few weeks of signaling it will be a huge boon to LTC.

Anyone that uses both coins knows the immense benefits LTC has over BTC. (Faster syncing, quicker transactions, anti-spam, larger TPS capacity)

Now we have the potential to leap frog over bitcoin as opposed to forever trailing it.


I think Segwit will be activated for BTC in 1-2 months after LTC. And after this people forget about LTC again. :confused: