How high LTC will go?


LOL, you think the BTC gridlock will resolve that quickly?

Even if it does which it won’t, how long will that last before gridlock again?

For someone who is such a pessimist on LTC you are ironically overly optimistic on BTC.


Yes. After Segwit activation on LTC, It will be very fast activated for Bitcoin. I think in 1-2 months max.


Every day that ticks by for BTC is a day of greater disagreement on segwit.

Expect continued disagreement and inevitable forking, in my humble opinion.


Current stalemate at 25% segwit and BTC needs 95% to flip the switch.
Not looking good for your theory.


It will go up quickly aftter activation on LTC.


It is very possible that won’t even matter. ViaBTC represents around 8% of BTC mining hashpower, and they squarely reject segwit.


They can instantly change their mind at any time. Time will tell. I believe that the SW will be activated for Bitcoins in the spring. And it’s not very good for LTC because it will leave again in the shadow of his big brother. By the way, even the release of a new 13.2 version with SW for LTC, did not cause excessive interest for litecoin as we can see by google trends and forum and twitter stats. More like that LTC is not the discoverer, but the clone or testing ground for Bitcoins … It is sad.


I think that you may need more than hope and some google/twitter searches to see what is actually going on with cryptos like BTC and LTC. Translating Chinese is also useful. There is a huge battle going on at the moment with how BTC should/can move forward, you’d need to do a little digging to recognize that though. The thing at the moment is that big BTC players don’t see segwit as a way forward, at all. They have their own ideas, and suddenly changing their minds and adopting segwit seems very unlikely ever without a hard fork. I wish them luck, but I do expect forks as the political drama and alternate “solutions” are intensifying, rather than a consensus.

At the time of this writing LTC’s “active addresses” is greater in the past 24 hours than any day in the past 6 months. Millions of dollars in LTC move through the exchanges every day, not sad by any means.

I’ll let you figure out other metrics that I find to be useful if you have any interest of course, if you search my posts on this forum you can see a few examples.


personally i dont think Bitcoin will activate segwit for a long time… According to my tarot readings on the subject, I do not think BTC will at all to be fair…


I strongly believe that LTC will hit an all time high above $50 within 2017!! Yes we can do this guys!



LTC will go over 50$. so hold your coins.


How long $LTC will go ? next month or next year ? :sob:




May 30th is the start button!

Coinbase volume picking up increasingly progressive,

The fastest is the coin that largest…:-):-):slight_smile:


You’re very optimistic, it doesn’t hurt to dream I suppose!


I’m here for the long haul. I believe in LiteCoin. What we need is more advertising and word of mouth to happen on social media. I would like LTC to be promoted on Facebook by someone influential.


I don’t see how Coinbase will invest so much on Litecoin for just a few $.
In this past year, against all projection, ETH is going up like a rocket.
If I would NOT trusted my guts 3 months back, I would be 300K$ richer today.
Today I’m betting on Litecoin, at least is affortable :slight_smile:


Ltc will go back to 35 at least. We can cash out then.


$100 this week…MOMENTUM!


Very accurate