Help ! My android phone Litecoin app stopped!

Last week I got unexpected payments into my wallet from address LTCPo…
I had a balance of L 5.29 taking me to L 7.11

One day later, My LTC app on my phone stopped working.
I get a message saying Litecoin has stopped working. With the option of “report” or “OK”.

Are my coins gone ?
or is there something I can still do to get them back.
I did not have my wallet backed up.

If you do not have a backup or the private keys that belong to the address’ you created then yes they are gone if you delete the application data from the phone

Thanks Bakd,
I had feared as much. I did not back up, and I did not know how to get the keys from the app.- this is my first smartphone and I am still learning how to use it. My last phone was a Nokia 6500
I did not delete the application from the phone.
I just switched my phone on to check my balance and I got the message, “Litecoin has stopped”.
I have heard that Android are working on a new Litecoin App and that the “old” one is no longer available to download.
If Google get a new app up and running will it be backwards compatible with the old ?

the application data is usually stored in a separate location than the application itself so even if you do delete it the key should still be on the device…its finding them that is the issue
according to internet search…all android devices store their appdata here: Android/data/<package_name
so navigate to this folder using a “file explorer” application or a terminal of some kind and the keys should be there…load the app again and see if there is a way you can “export” the wallet and if not then you’ll have to find the keys in that folder

Hi Bakd,
again, thank you for your help.
I tried over 20 available filemanager apps but none ( ie zero !) were compatible with my device, so I could not install any of them ! ( I hate smartphones !!! )
However, I managed to get developer rights on my android phone and looked at the device data using usb debugg.
There are several folders there, but none that look anything like /Android/data/<package_name>

What do you think about re-installing the App ?
would that scrub my existing data, or would it be saved and re-installed along with the program ??

absolutely reinstall it and it will use the appdata already on the phone just like core wallets do on pcs…it should anyway


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I just had this happen today on one of my androids. Here is what’s up:

If you delete the app you lose your keys
If you reinstall you lose your keys
The app crashes every time you start
This is not good.
If you backed up, you can restore the keys to another device and copy of Litecoin Core, and transfer off your coins. However if you shut down then start up again you will lose your data again.
This impacted one of my devices, but not the other.
This is really not good.

Time for a new Litecoin wallet. What is the best option these days for Android?


Try moving the app to the sdcard (get one now if you don’t have one) and see if you can find the keys there.

I don’t understand why an application would store data locally…
don’t applications input outside information to an external source? so they would have to use a separate folder in order to do so

I can’t claim to understand the details of how Android stores data, I can merely say that most times the inside data on apps running in the phone is not directly accessible via USB and that moving the app to the SD card may make it visible.

I can also say that if you delete the app, the data including the keys goes. I verified this after moving the keys to another device (I had a backup), restoring, then immediately moving the coins to another wallet. The app on the second phone started crashing after I stopped and restarted it, pointing to a problem in the blockchain. This may be an attack by someone on the client.

Hello Lightfoot,
Thank you for your inputs.
This is my first " smartphone", I am more at home sending sms text messages with my old Nokia.
About this SD card, are you talking about the SIM Card in the phone ?
I don’t know about an SD card, is that the same kind of card that I have in my camera ?
If I’ve I got an SD, where is it and how do I access it, and how do I move the App onto the card ?

You say this may be an attack. The curious thing about this is that I got a payment into my wallet from an unidentified source, just a few hours before my App crashed. - Co-incidence ??

Odd that you and i had the same problem on the same day. Anyone else?

I bet you need administrator privledges to see the data…like in windows you have to check the box that says “view hidden files and folders” under folder optinos just to see the Appdata folder…
android saves its data here: Android/data/<package_name
you just need to be able to see the administrator only system files in order to alter them…maybe check the root directory and navigate from there instead of in the os

I have my phone connected via usb to my PC and I am seeing into the file system. I have found /android/Data and it lists several folders, but not the Litecoin app.
Litecoin is under /Download/litecoin.apk and there are also several folder here. I do not see where the keys might be some of the folders are , META-INF, fabric, assets, com, lib, res, jsr305-,
Any chance the keys might be here ??
What do you think ??

it is located in your data folder…not in your sdk folder…the keys are saved separately from the application…and no device ever comes with privileges to view hidden files or folders…even androids…they do this so people don’t go clicking around in their devices and mess them up…
itll end up being in the root directory under the name of the application…not the sdk you downloaded
applications apply outside information to an external source…that’s what an application does…so it needs a separate folder to store the information it needs to remember otherwise it would be the same code every time oyu run the application

I use linux on my PC.
Would I be able to access this data if I open a console window and log in as su, and then navigate to the files ?
Any thoughts ?

yes you should be able to…pretty sure you just need an application that will allow syncing of files and folders and not just contacts and pictures…as long as it recognizes it as an external storage device then you should have no trouble navigating it at all

I have rooteed my phone and found files : ssl-keystore and ssl-keystore-litecoin

However I cannot read the files, what application do I need to read them ?
I tried txt reader but nojoy.

you can more than likely read it using a java application
or you can more than likely read them using linux…maybe try the newest version of kali which has the newest openssl Library in it…

can you not just read it on your phone so you can copy and paste it?

if you can copy and paste it in a computer I know you can sometimes change the file extension…so if its file.dat change that to file.txt and open it with text editor

also if you can get a copy of the hash you can use “hash identifier” in kali to identify the hash and then change the format to WIF