Forgot Wallet Pass HALP!

Hi Litecoin Support Team,

Unfortunately, I have managed to completely forget my passphrase for my wallet and wondered if you could please give me some support in retrieving my coins. I’ve noticed other posts with similar issues and offers from the team to provide brute force / cracking on the wallets.

Please advise

Thank you

I’m starting to earn a good reputation for this type of help on the forum. Unfortunately I don’t have a great deal of resources available at the moment to “mine” for your lost password, maybe somebody else might though?

If you “think” back to when you created the password, any idea of the password length, or what types of words/phrases may have been used?

Also, here are a few things to take a look at that I think may help:

If you are willing I can recover your password for you using brute force method in Hashcat…or if you want to learn how to use hashcat yourself…option 10200 or something like that…at the very end of the mode list is bitcoin/litecoin wallet passphrase…it goes pretty fast especially if you already know part of your password…

Guys, thank you for the assistance, sadly, though, I am on a mac and only have Mac’s in the house, does it run and have i missed something or is it just win and linux? Regards

should work on a mac without any issues I think…I’m new to mac myself and dont use it for coins currently…you can also download Portable Virtual Box and run a virtual version of Kali Linux which already comes with hashcat and hash identifier

Thanks, will try and get this sorted. I would obviously prefer someone to do it on my behalf im just extremely reticent to trust anyone to do so unless they came recommended with a beautiful seal of approval

hashcat alternatives for mac…seems cryptohaze is the one youd need

btw…I am willing to do it…for a Litecoin or 2…however I would need a copy of your .dat file in my possession in order to get all the keys…then I would just send the coin to a new wallet that you make…

Guys, if someone can assist me with this i would be happy to pay them 2x litecoin for helping me get it sorted. Please appreciate my trepidation in asking for assistance.

Thank you

Hi - if you check back through my posting history, I do my best to help others recover coins free of charge. If I am successful, the people I assist usually make a small donation to this forum to help xinxi keep the ship afloat. :grin:

If you would like, I can fire up hashcat and point it at your wallet. bakd247 seems to have much more experience with this piece of software, I think he could do this for you as well.

If either (or both) of us are not successful, wallet recovery services will be a great option. They charge 20% of the value of your wallet, but it’s much better than being completely out of luck right.

Hi cxop, great, i’d be more than happy to contact you when I’m back on Sunday and lets try and get it done :slight_smile:

How to contact you privately? I couldnt find a message user option.


Sounds good, if you click the icon at the top right the “private message” icon should show up.

Hi cxop,

not working i don’t know why. Can you message me and we can get this going :slight_smile:


cxop, I would also like your help but I can’ t pm you.

Maybe you can pm me?


best regards, joj

OK guys, see if it works by clicking here:

Then there should be a message icon toward the top right (you have to be logged in to see this I think)

I’ll also send you each a pm.

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are you following the instructions on the site to a " T "? Most common programming errors are syntax errors like forgetting to capitalize a letter or hit the space bar one too many times…btw…youtube how to videos on using the software…

your basically mining…you place the copy of the wallet.dat file in the hash.txt then just make sure you use a brute force method with the correct mode option…(bitcoin/litecoin wallet)

took me about a week for me to figure out how to use hashcat and I still make mistakes with it all the time

bakd247 do you have any horsepower to throw at this one? I posted the hash in another thread. I’ve been cranking on it, but only have a single GPU to dedicate to it at the time. No luck yet.

I just have a 750 ti my self…I hear that having a really good word list helps find solutions faster and use a dictionary attack to find it…works a lot better than brute force…playing with the settings seems to work better than just adding more hashing power…last time I tried brute force it took like 9 days to crack my password using hashcat…simple password and standard dictionary word list though…just saw you post of the hash and I will give it a shot between tonight and tomm and be in touch…

Dictionary attack Indeed; I have burned through some wordlists and am in the process of collecting some more. The character set allegedly used here is pretty diverse, a brute force attack would take my little R9 years lol…

That sounds good, thanks for helping me crank on it.

Worst case scenario, we burn a few kwh and drink some beer :beer:

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I’m having trouble getting hashcat to save a result in the output file but it keeps ending on the same candidate…trying one last time but I think I may have a try result at least…dont want to post it on here though…got an email address?

Awesome thanks. Sure, I’ll private message the email address.

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