Downloading blockchain stops at 7 weeks, what to do


I downloaded the new litecoin core. ( i had the old one since 2013 )
It was indexing the blocks on hard disc, that went oke,

Then it got stuck with 7 weeks to go. I says he is working on the blocks hard drive…
It has been stuck for 12 to 14 hours now.

What to do? Is this normal? Just wait some more?

I dont have any computer knowledge and hope somebody can help me out here.

Preferable in dutch,…


first, check if you client has connections to other clients. There should be a symbol in the lower right of the screen.

Hi xus,

it says there are 8 connections…

o in and 8 out

Hi xus,

it says there are 8 active connections…

0 in and 8 out…

are you mapping your ports using UPnP? that usually helps things along

mapping ports UPnP is on

UPnP is on, should i activate coin control?

i restarded the program. it says; no source for blocks avelable…

What to do?

If you’re new to Litecoin, you should probably use a lightweight wallet such as Electrum-LTC or These wallets are a lot more user-friendly than Litecoin Core - which is instead a more advanced wallet for advanced users.

so i should download one off those? Do i uninstall tehe older versions?

Hoped to get some support…

seems like your either out of drive space or having RAM virtual drive type issues than would be my next guess…how much space are you allowing for the blockchain? usually needs 20+GB for litecoin

Hi bakd247,

Where do i set this up? Anyway i try to syncronize again. ist running, very slow. 3 years to go…

i also have the old version ( 2013 ) on the computer. Dont want to delete that one. Is it ok to let it where it is?


on your c drive is where default tells your computer to install it so if you have enough space you should be good…make sure you have the newest wallet installed at version0.13.2 it will use your old folder just download it and install it and let it sync…as long as your backup is in your Appdata folder still and you never moved it then you should be good

i have

check that your firewall isn’t blocking incoming connections also

I will ask my computerhelp to check this all out. I just cant myself.
Have bought some ltc and btc in 2013.
Now have to deal with all kinds off technical things that isnt for me.
Thx for helping, i might try again later today or tommorow


can always try downloading and syncing a wallet on a different computer and then replace your backup on that one to make sure it is a hardware issue and not a software issue…try looking into expanding your available RAM if possible

my computer added a “” liecoin test network “”

Dont know how this happenened, getting stranger and stranger

Maybee somebody in Holland who can help me?