Does LiteCoin TestNet Work, and if so, what are the dns seed addresses that work

None of the ‘published’ LiteCoin TestNet dns seeds work. The dns names for the three dnsSeeds don’t even resolve (do nslookup on them) to ip addresses anymore. If there are updated LiteCoin TestNet dns seed addresses, please post here. The three dns seed addresses I have are”,”,

I’m currently working on fixing my DNS seeder for main net and testnet. Will ask thrasher to fix his also. Not sure who runs the litecointools one.

@losh11 tag me a screenshot of terminal

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Thankyou. Hate to be a pain/complainer (posted on github issues as well), but this one is def a blocker for me :wink:

Just tried LiteCoin testnet and none of the 3 dns seeds is working yet…any idea on timeframe?

Are there any other public dns seeds? As I understand, there is no way even to set up own without having some existing seed as it won’t connect to network.
Pardon me, I just started figuring out how to work with LTC and it appears to be pretty complicated when you can’t connect to testnet :upside_down_face: