Does anyone buy obscure altcoins?

Do you think it makes sense to buy low-liquid altcoins?

no…but I’ve mined some I’m still sitting on for no particular reason I can fathom except the 1 in 100 chance that they pump and I sold them for the dust they are now worth. :frowning:

No, it’s a trap

for the most part yes…thou…I had a buddy sitting on, I think it was, verge…or something back with the pump…and woke up one day with 1/2 million which he dumped and paid taxes on …asap…and of course
the price dumped so he was wise to do so…

thus, the few altcoins, besides LTC, I have sitting about with a 1 in 100 chance of pumping I have gathered thru mining…but it can happen…was more common with ICO’s (when allowed in USA…i scored with the legit Lisk ICO) but alas…such days are gone

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Seems like someones still making them: I created my own coin by forked litecoin

I to can draw ‘unicorns’ (ie mine from a site personal coins…indeed altcoin generation sites)…
so unicorn drawing and/or your own altcoin is fine by itself…it is when you start to believe in unicorns and your own forked altcoin off of LTC or BTC or whatever…where massive delusion comes in…

(my precious…my precious…) ahem…you see the problem

It seems to me that it is hard to find a worthy project.

Don’t think so :roll_eyes: Probably… if you have good intuition and you’re pretty sure that the project is nice and it’s worth to invest then you’re free to buy

if you rely on intuition, then you can say goodbye to money …

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I’m a beginner in all altcoins and my first thought upon entering this field is the same way in stocks, to never buy something I do not know or doesn’t have good history and fundamentals - to save time and resources. I only look into the ones with large market caps.

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well-founded approach):+1:

Would BEAM and GRIN be considered “obscure” in this case? Yes? No? and why? :thinking:

What about ION? Anyone running any masternodes?

I even heard nothing about it))):joy::joy:

Thats alright no worries. They are both built on the WimbleMimble protocol.
Here’s an article on what they are if you’d like to understand them more…

What is even more spectacular is this…

Congratulations! You learn something new today - we all learn something new everyday :wink:

What is obscure to you exactly?

Good mark, next time will think it over!

We have been mining earthcoin and Litecoin, thank you

Low liquid altcoins can bring unexpected profits. But it will take a long time. Highly. And they may not bring profit at all, it is very disappointing.
But you can change such garbage to another one, and once buy highly liquid altcoins for them.
In any case, you can easily experiment with such low liquid currencies.
Good luck

I was bullish on Masternodes but really, that’s still centralization. I’m no longer very interested in this tech race. Lets see some fungibility from our big bags, BTC / LTC, before I start thinking about the layers of a blockchain throughput.