I created my own coin by forked litecoin

I setup all requirements regarding my coins .My coin is working on testnet and generating testnet address.I have query regarding from which address coin will supply to users.
How can I test mycoin.When I go to command line and enter the command of getinfo It shows blocks 0 always and balance 0 always.How can I test my coin Is it working.How to send and receive coins.My coin name is bemykoin. Please Help!

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it sounds like you need to mine some coins? I’m really not sure. I like the name of your coin.

Tell us about the network setup, are you running on localhost?

I am working on linux server.I installed cpuminer for mining for linux but getting this error while running this command :-
./minerd -o -O user:**** -p **** --no-longpoll --no-getwork --no-stratum --threads 4–coinbase-addr=***
HTTP request failed: The requested URL returned error: 401 [2019-04-03 12:25:36] json_rpc_call failed, retry after 30 seconds

Please check here is my bemykoin.conf file :-

bitcoin.conf configuration file. Lines beginning with # are comments.

Network-related settings:

Run on the test network instead of the real bitcoin network.


Connect via a socks4 proxy


Use as many addnode= settings as you like to connect to specific peers


… or use as many connect= settings as you like to connect ONLY

to specific peers:


Maximum number of inbound+outbound connections.


JSON-RPC options (for controlling a running Bitcoin/bitcoind process)

server=1 tells Bitcoin to accept JSON-RPC commands.


You must set rpcuser and rpcpassword to secure the JSON-RPC api


By default, only RPC connections from localhost are allowed. Specify

as many rpcallowip= settings as you like to allow connections from

other hosts (and you may use * as a wildcard character):


Listen for RPC connections on this TCP port:


You can use Bitcoin or bitcoind to send commands to Bitcoin/bitcoind

running on another host using this option:


Use Secure Sockets Layer (also known as TLS or HTTPS) to communicate

with Bitcoin -server or bitcoind


OpenSSL settings used when rpcssl=1


Miscellaneous options

Set gen=1 to attempt to generate bitcoins


Use SSE instructions to try to generate bitcoins faster.


Pre-generate this many public/private key pairs, so wallet backups will be valid for

both prior transactions and several dozen future transactions.


Pay an optional transaction fee every time you send bitcoins. Transactions with fees

are more likely than free transactions to be included in generated blocks, so may

be validated sooner.


Allow direct connections for the ‘pay via IP address’ feature.


User interface options

Start Bitcoin minimized


Minimize to the system tray



I think this is the issue, use the * wildcard and see if that works

rpcallowip= *

you mean like this?

My coin wallet still shows out of sync


Still balance is zero blocks are zero
Getting this error after mining

HTTP request failed: The requested URL returned error: 500 Internal Server Error
[2019-04-04 11:54:11] json_rpc_call failed, retry after 30 seconds

Mined some coins showing Immature balance 2150 And blocks 43.How Balance will increase Its still zero. So I can do transaction .How do transaction send coins from one to another address.When hover on ? in wallet transactions It shows :- This block was not received by any other node and will probably not accepted mined.

Please Help!!!

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Nice work! 2150! How can I get in on that?

Blocks need to mature I think, you need to mine more blocks. transaction confirmation - What is the block maturity value seen in many pool interfaces? - Monero Stack Exchange

Once mature, you can use the wallet on the command line to send coins to another address.

But When hover on ? in wallet transactions list It shows :- This block was not received by any other node and will probably not accepted mined.It will be mature or not.How much time it will take to mature.

The maturity is tied to the number of blocks I think

You likely need to set up a few nodes in your network

Coins are matured after 120 blocks automatically But its take too much time .
I am creating new coin with similar code .Can you please tell in which file we set the premine coins and how reduce coins maturity time so coins will mature early.
What diificulty level we have to set for our coins.

Please help!!

Thanks in advance.

So you got it working?! If so, congrats, that’s awesome.

I believe you’re looking for the Coinbase Maturity: bitcoin/src/consensus/consensus.h at 78dae8caccd82cfbfd76557f1fb7d7557c7b5edb · bitcoin/bitcoin · GitHub

(That links to bitcoin but it should be somewhere similar in the Litecoin codebase)

I can’t be sure because this is a little bit on the fringes of what I know

Did some research and found this: mining reward - Coinbase maturity of 100 transactions - Bitcoin Stack Exchange

The protocol rules state that

For each input, if the referenced output transaction is coinbase (i.e. only 1 input, with hash=0, n=-1), it must have at least COINBASE_MATURITY (100) confirmations; else reject this transaction

Thanks for your Support!

I Created another altcoin in which I set COINBASE_MATURITY 4.
According to maturity set the value of coins how many coins will mined with in 4 blocks.
Within one and half hour my coins become mature and added in balance.

I have one problem when some one sending coin then in QT wallet Amount of coins shows 0.00 sometime but when using command getbalance it show balance.

[amount] => 0
[fee] => 0
[confirmations] => 73
[blockhash] => 571fec0dad6433efad4f3b8a165ab2c3950a19850209e0ad0c4c23d818a96980
[blockindex] => 1
[blocktime] => 1554908117
[txid] => 30e3b0db9627f12246b1790c9d307adb66608ba2479131d3205c28eeadc03166
[normtxid] => 6c4397f72353e93c78eac535093fe39c30177fe9e8036b6d3de7e5b9b77b13b6
[time] => 1554906865
[timereceived] => 1554906865
[details] => Array
[0] => Array
[account] =>
[address] => LZdPqs1QDw2Cf8jctJUukvgBLGBR8wvBSy
[category] => send
[amount] => -0.999
[fee] => 0

        [1] => Array
                [account] => 
                [address] => LZdPqs1QDw2Cf8jctJUukvgBLGBR8wvBSy
                [category] => receive
                [amount] => 0.999



I am unsure