Better option to hold between litecoin and bitcoin?


I want to hold some cryptocurrencies for long term and I am wondering which of the two between litecoin and bitcoin is better in that regard.

Based on quite positive things I have read on how litecoin price is expected to grow, I had initially decided to hold litecoin, but the recent surge of the bitcoin price, which is almost hitting US$4,000 while the litecoin price remaining almost constant at about US$47 is making me think it over.

I would like to read your thoughts on this.


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I think it’s good not to have your eggs all in one basket in case something unforeseen happens. I’d recommend dabbling a bit in a lot of them.

Bitcoin seems obvious since if there’s another split you’d have bx1 and bx2. Also maybe look into bitcoin cash, I think it’s undervalued and may take off in 2018…

I think the EOS project is an interesting contender to Ethereum and would recommend it over Ethereum if you are looking at a 2+ year outlook. Eth classic also seems no different than Eth, well, besides the hacker…

Zcash and zclassic along with monero all seem to be interesting privacy centric coins. I don’t like dash but can’t refute it’s staying power and user adoption is important. And last but not least, then I’ve heard things of decred but don’t know much about it.

I’m pairing down my BTC to load up on bcc. I’m hedging that with LTC and dash mining and have some EOS for long term giggles.



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I would say hold few of them, hold some BTC, some LTC, may be Ripple and a dash of Ethereum. I know NEO NEO sounds amazing right now, but it might be pump and dump, at least the first four mantioed coins by me proved their name over the years and they are not going anywhere.

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I agree. This and LTC for faster, cheaper, more efficient, and more decentralized payments

LTC can have the best technology of all cryptos, but that might not be enough. :confused:

I mean, how many people know of LTC? It is only a small percentage of the world’s population that know of BTC, now think of how many know of LTC.

I think a large part of the market cap BTC has is because people use it as an entrance door to cryptocurrencies, as in many countries (Costa Rica included) it is the only crypto than can be bought with fiat money.

I would advise dedicating your portfolio to both, as well as other top 20 cryptocurrencies to spread the risk.

Here is another miner which can help spreading the risk in your portfolio:

Uniquely LTC

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Don’t know what you did but if you were to hold Bitcoin coin then you are in the sky now. Yes, LiteCoins price has become more than $200 which is 4 times than before but Bitcoins’s price has tripled in this time. It’s more than $12000 now. Althoguh Litecoin has gone 4 times and bitcoins has gone 3, but differences are $150 and $8000.

Only LTC

I would say bitcoin is a better option for big investors as it includes high risk. whereas Litecoin is better for small investors as if there is a mis-happening then they don’t have to loose a big amount.