Antminer D3 For Sale

Hello Community.

I have 5 orders with a total of 109 units from Bitmain and would like to sell my account.

Orders are broken as follows:

  1. 50 Units
  2. 50 Units
  3. 5 Units
  4. 3 Units
  5. 1 Unit

List price is $3,300 per unit for orders 3, 4 & 5. And $3,000 for orders 1 & 2.

Contact urgently if interested.

Attached is the screen shot of the account where you can see all orders.

Thanks to contact urgently if interested to buy the account.


Doc2.pdf (252.1 KB)

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IF the method you are using is gathering a mess of pre-orders on the 7-10 day wire xfer …and thus charging a premium…this may not work anymore …they have, supposedly, shut down wire xfer order action. Only LTC or BTC.

Might be tough to sell those…in that bitmain last I heard only takes LTC or BTC now. Not wire xfer. Thus they likely are expired.

Not sure you could be grandfathered in. But this is how they currently are handling sales now, due to folk buying in mass

and then selling them 3rd party via wire xfer (used to be you had 7-10 days) …thus scalping units.

No judgment here. But you may want to check if the units are still active.

If you really do have 100 some units to sell…my hats off to you for the risk of re-sale.

Wait, are you saying you have D3 miners for September?

wen is the delivery date ?

I am a beginner for mining
My question is if it is surely profitable or just lucky

When is the delivery date? What batch of orders are these from?

Interested in a couple D3s. Hit me with more info.

My company would like to purchase up to 10 units if you still have? I added you on Skype. Pm me to discuss and move forward.


please contact i want buy D3. thanks

hello, i have found the Antminer D3 but i spent 10000 euro for 2 items…and 2700 euro for the Antminer L3

hello, i have found the Antminer D3 but i spent 10000 euro for 2 items…and 2700 euro for the Antminer L3

Is you miners stil available


Contact me urgently please or i have messaged you on the skype you listed.

PM me please.

Nova Tech Supply just got their first batch:

Hi, do you still have units available?

hello ! still interested in D3 or L3? ?

I am selling an Antminer D3 with PSU. Its november 21-30 batch. It will come to Hamburg GERMANY. I can sell it face to face with cash. You can add me on watsapp +905464712399