Best mining pool for LTC

Hi All,

I have just purchased 10 x L3+ miners and now at the stage of selecting my pool to point them too.

What experience do people have with different pools? I have been looking at litecoinpool and seems good with 0 fee’s.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


I’ve been with litecoinpool foryears and they are great because of the PPS pay system so I don’t have to worry about finding blocks…however they do not pay more for finding blocks so if you have a good chance of finding blocks I’d find a pool that does PPLNS like

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also on litecoinpool for years switched to even with their ups and downs and litecoinpool as backup pool…still making 15% or more after fee…just saying…love litecoinpool…but thems the facts…i have a choice of payout I have been just 100% payout in litecoin anyway…if prohashing chokes my backup pool is litecoinpool.


Please, how do I start mining with Litecoin pool?

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sometimes the above link may not work so here’s another one

Hashwiz is new with no fees

Hi Guys,
Lately I have made some comparison and my conclusion is that is giving me the highest earning. What is your experience and on which pool are you mining?
We could compare results and exchange observations if someone is interested. :smile:

could be true now that bitcoinconnect coin is gone of Prohashing…for most of this year (started july) was on PH and made 10-15% more a day on that

not so sure anymore, may have to move back

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Just to compare my 24h earning with average of 491MH/s is ~0.0706045 LTC.

well if that is from today…I have that beat on PH …

but again, I’m mining to LTC on PH so likely litecoinpool is equivalent

if you split coins on payout thou, you’d be better off with PH to avoid fees

but again, imho, at this point in time…if you are just getting LTC even with fees on PH

they are more or less the same payout wise…would change imho, if PH ever was a bit

more stable on their upgrading of setup

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Hi Searing,
I have another topic to discuss :).
What is your experience regarding the earning decrease after Bitmain releases a batch of miners?
I am planing to buy some miner again but I am in doubt that what will be the earning I can count on regarding the ROI once the March batch goes out?
What is your experience on the topic?

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I can’t justify crypto for miners anymore 3 months later…and with bitmain it is dubious if you got them on a price pump…supposed firmware update in july kept all L3+'s for 6 weeks mined my units…drove difficulty up 1/3 then when arrived my firmware said Jan 2017! Thus if they did it because of the up to 50 buck pump they will do it again…

so if you think crypto is gonna pop …scrypt-pow or LTC you are better off mining what you have and HODL coin…or risk paying 3x for the equip vs coin when/if they arrive

if you think crypto and LTC of the like is gonna dump…you also don’t want to buy dubious equipment

and if it goes sideways…you don’t want to waste your coin…now for when it pumps later!

you got some cash laying about and want one for a toy …sure…write it off at tax time

but my days of crypto for big miner purchases and data halls are now gone…

if self employed at this as a pt biz you can write off ALL of self paid for biz health insurance (except HSA) so acts like equip 100% off gross…you can fund 35k or so I think it is at 100k rate…so if you make 50k it is likely 17k into such…also taken off like equip off gross

2-3 months for crypto value now…to maybe get equip that maye will ROI…hell I just don’t see it

I’m waiting till around July 2018…I may get some (really, really, iffy and dubious) obelisk miners for SC coin and deca coin…but that is only because I have 1/2 price coupons from last dubious purchases

likely they are door stops the day they arrive but beyond that silliness as a 1/2 price bet…I’m holding off

days of filling data hall may be gone back to basement winter heating mode end of 2018 at best me thinks

hope I am wrong…but not looking likely imho

It was so bad I spent 5k on a loaded alienware laptop with expanson chassis and gaming card…50% was gonna go to IRS anyway …I get 25% back on equip depreciation (biz computer use don’t ya know ) :slight_smile: the 25% IS applied to taxes I know I’m gonna have to pay anyway…so the cost for this beast out of pocket was 25%

wish I could have done this for a company car…(CPA said this stunt works if I use it for work …car nope)

I suppose I should have gotten a xerox machine and a fancy ass printer too…but did not think of it in time

this is what happens when you buy equip and announce april 1st on bitcointalk with LTC at $4.15 or so usd oer whatever and you call it a 6 buck floor…

there are tax consequences on 4.15 to 250 buck LTC let me tell you…

but 90% of what I made last year I paid with crypto off (no debt) so mining better work some in 2018 or I am gonna be very, very sad…(as I eyeball the local microwave tower)

so nope…after July 2017 it made no sense to buy equip with crypto…that boat may have sailed I expect
hobby mode once the evil titans and the bitmain units go doorstop

but will wait till July 2018 to make any real choice I have other stuff to use crypto for till then (pos coins probably that stake…like mining)


0.5% fee,

I am mining LTC and BTC and other crypto currencies from this website:

I love this website! The profits are very good.
You will love this too!

I can reach the DNS of thats website, would you show me how?

I’m curious if you have at least two Antminer L3+ so you can run one on different pools: or litecoinpool or prohashing. That seems like the only way to actually compare which pool makes you more coins because if you mine on different days, you have the issue of luck playing a factor.

Also, is 24 hours enough time?
Is 7 days a better measure of profitability?

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Well right now the top tier …last generation miner available in mass quanities is the Bitmain L3+ offered w/o the PSU on for around $620…

My Bitmain L3+'s are currently making 97c a day…wheee…living the dream…so we need a price pump to keep up with difficulty (Bitmain has pumped them out like toasters) or we be very, very, screwed…

So, my point is the 'best mining pool for LTC …is a ‘bit’ moot at the moment :frowning:

If your looking for a bigger pool with a more fair payout system test out PROP

We got an invite from a friend in Montreal and its been paying us more than we made at / you can see their hash rate is actually huge with 12 TH/s