Best mining pool for LTC



你的回复 虽然我看着很难受,英语不好 谷歌翻译的不是很标准 但我看懂了你讲的大概内容。我目前用的是我们国内的矿池,收费1%,但是感觉算力不稳定,6000M左右的算力 收益在0.0265LTC,外加265个左右的狗狗币 然后没有了其他收益,最近我们矿工的日子不好过,都是眼泪,不说了 我们这里天亮了。让我们一起期待牛市的到来吧!


为什么我登陆不了??难道我被墙了? 另外问下你 在这个矿池里每M的收益是如何的? 非常期待您的回答!谢谢!!! 另外表示您的头像很漂亮:grin::grinning:


怎么回事? 我回复的帖子不完整。 我想问下你在你说的矿池每天每M的收益是如何的?[quote=“Billy026, post:22, topic:8219, full:true”]
为什么我登陆不了??难道我被墙了? 另外问下你 在这个矿池里每M的收益是如何的? 非常期待您的回答!谢谢!!! 另外表示您的头像很漂亮:grin::grinning:



Complete list of LTC pools :

Right now I think best pool is antpool. PPS with 0 fee


Hi, I’ve heard about the pool in the last six months.
From what they tell me, it has a slightly different functioning compared to the others.
The fees are 0.8% but they connect you to an account at their Cryptobank from which you can directly spend or use the litecoins you have mined.
I tried several times to register but the pool was full, today I had the notification email that opened the for new registrations.
In the invitation emails, they write to me that from next month we will also have debit cards linked to the litecoin account.
None of you tried it?
I am curious and I think that as soon as I get home I try to register.


best litecoinpool with Reviews and Features :


Have you already started mining? I linked to Litecoin pool today cuz they offer free mining now. Market is so bad now…I’m testing their technology and service. If you are also mining with them, just let me know.


@Claire You mean 0 fee mining LTC in will try and thanks for your comments!


Hi all, just wondering what mining pools you would recommend?? I have only seen one that seems very interesting and promising based in Spain called Cryptosolartech, check it out.
I look forward to some further suggestions!! Thank you.!!