Best crypto documentaries

What are the best crypto documentaries? I have found some good ones about bitcoin like 1. The Bitcoin Gospel, Magic Money, Banking On Bitcoin…

Does no one watch Crypto documentaries?

I was actually thinking about documenting some of my experiences as a miner but wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested: Sharing some of the work I go through for cheap power

My latest video:

I’ve heard there is a Hollywood movie about crypto is going to be shot

I decided to start watching some videos on Youtube, it’s quite informative to listen to experts who have long been in this sphere

Do you now the name of this movie?

I also watched “Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know it” and “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”.

What’s this? So you have the link?

I have not found any interesting channel yet

It’s called simply “Crypto” :smile:

Are these documentaries?

Hmm, it’s strange…I don’t know why you can not find them.

Yes, documentaries

I’m not subscribed to any channel. I’m just watching videos with explanation and etc


I think this is one of the best ways to get new info!

Can not find what? :slight_smile:

Will check, thanks!

I see - I do the same ahah

Yeah, I think so too
But watching videos is not enough. Practice is important as well :upside_down_face: