Sharing some of the work I go through for cheap power

I decided to record some work I am doing relevant to mining and wanted to share it with the Litecoin community since I mine with A4+ LTC Master units.

I’ll share some more videos about my trip to get these 6 machines setup north, next post should be available next weekend when I make the journey.

I was able to get this equipment to Canada. I paid $30 to check a bag with 4 A4+ miners, carried 2 with me as carry ons.

Since I was going up to the data center for other reasons, this was way better than putting them in a Fedex and paying $200 to send all 6 machines plus it’ll get stuck in customs for a few weeks. This way I only have about 24 hours of downtime on these machines.

VAT was unavoidable regardless the route

Another video: Crypto Shepard: Replacing Hard Drives in Canada - YouTube