Advice for buying Litecoin first time (Non U.S.)

I am having trouble buying LTC. I tried Kraken, Coinbase etc but I always run into roadblocks I heard these exchanges are easy to use but I think that is not true when you live in other countries. I thought Moonpay is the easiest way of doing it. What are your thoughts on Moonpay?

Should I store my LTC in the exchange or transfer it in my Litewallet?

Sorry for such stupid questions. This is my first time I would appreciate any other advice, thanks.

no…download the core wallet…let the blockchain sync…
and keep backups of your wallet on usb drives offline…
this is the most secure way to store coins over the long term…
when you have coins on an exchange…they control your account…

when you have your own private key then you are in control…

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I don’t disagree with that method being secure. For large amounts of crypto: I, and I think most others, would say to store your private keys in a cold wallet like a Ledger or something.

Got it. Would you guys recommend buying LTC on Moonpay?

I use Moonpay just about daily…
I recommend them.

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Thanks for the advice :raised_hands:

@jake Major caveat with Moonpay is that one will likely pay more than the current market price. But, that is the trade-off one pays for convenience.

Where I can buy litecoins and hold them for over 10 years

You dont recommend buying litecoin from exchangers

Do you have a video that shows tbis process am a bigineer too

@wilderness I agree, fees are definitely hefty but the experience was easy so it was a compromise.

We have a Buy Litecoin button here at the forum. Make sure you have your Litecoin Core ready in sync.

Is the litewallet a good place to hold my litecoin because I am not looking for trading litecoin

How I can buy litecoin. Should I use buy moonpay

@Lolo123 Moonpay is a nice platform although I have to warn you the fees are high. It is what you get for the easy user experience.

Can you detail me the fees that are high like how much you pay compared to the market

There is no fix fee, it depends on every transaction percentage wise. Take a look at Moonpay Fee.

I want to hold my litecoins. How I can do that like is lite wallet is used for holding litecoins and is it safe for long term over 10 years. Also, is there anywhere I can hold my litecoin. I do not want to trade it

Yes, download the Litecoin core and backup your wallet offline. See the first reply of this post
@ bakd247 sums it up.

I replied to the person of the first comment if he has a tutorial or something similar cuz I did not understand the process very well. Can u explain more please.