Abandoned Litecoin Transaction stuck in blockchain

I haven’t used litecoin-qt wallet for a while (3 yrs) and yesterday tried to send some coins. The transaction showed up on the blockchain but it’s showing as unconfirmed. After reading some of the posts, I updated by litecoin-qt to the latest version and updated my wallet. After that I went ahead and abandoned that previous transaction and all the litecoins are showing in my wallet again. However, the amount in my wallet and the amount on the blockchain don’t match b/c blockchain is still showing the abandoned transaction amount as unconfirmed. How long will it take for the amount to become the same?

Now, when I try to send coins, I will just get 0/unconfirmed, in memory pool. The transaction won’t show up on the blockchain.

Any help would be appreciated.


I’m not an expert at all but I just went through this (see https://litecointalk.org/t/sent-my-ltc-to-my-new-wallet-but-they-never-reached-it-pls-help/1952/15).
I think that if you resend the same amount to the same address, but with a HIGHER fee, then it will override the older stuck transaction, which will then disapear from the blockchain. This is what I’ve read on numerous forum posts, and this is how it worked for me. It sems you don’t need to wait that it is deleted from the blockchain (mine was still there after 8 days) to resend.
If it doesn’t show up it is perhaps because you did not put any fee, or a fee too low. Mine was 0.001 LTC (by default), which was not enough to get confirmations. With 0.02 LTC it went through in half an hour.

make sure you select Map ports using UPnP

make sure you have incoming connections not block in your firewall mainly port 9333

also may need to you can also add gen=1 to your .conf file in the appdata folder…this will make your node generate blocks by receiving incoming connections…but try the first two first

Your transaction is not being confirmed because you sent it with an old version of Litecoin Core. Please update your Litecoin client to Litecoin Core 0.13.2 from either https://litecoin.com or https://litecoin.org.

It may take 2-3 days for you to get back your coins, but eventually you will be able to spend them again. I believe there is a console command (abandontransaction [txid_here]) which you could use so you can spend your Litecoin immediately. Though I’ve personally never done that.

If you are a regular user of Litecoin, who only periodically checks in on Litecoin - i.e. once a month, I would highly recommend that you upgrade to a lightweight client. This would mean that you would no longer have to sync your wallet after a long time. There are also numerous other benefits. The best Litecoin lightweight client for PC/macOS is Electrum-LTC which you can download from https://electrum-ltc.org. For iOS, I would recommend using LoafWallet (which I developed)!

Thank you for the suggestions. Looks like that transaction went through to the destination. Even thought the transaction was abandoned from my wallet, it’s showing up at my destination address now.

Regarding the transaction fee, what would be an appropriate amount? Can we do a simple calculation (i.e a percentage of the amount being sent?)

selecting the "recommended’ box should place a .002 LTC fee on every transaction