Litecoin node question

I’m running Litecoin Core but I don’t know if this is right. I’ve 8 connections(8 outputs and 0 inputs), but the problem is that I read here and here that a node needs more than 8 connections to not be a leech in the network and that there’s two ways to achieve this: open port 9333 in case of Litecoin (I’d like to know where this informaion is avaiable) or enable UPnP, the former I have no idea how to set up, I tested the port here,, and it said it is closed, the latter is unsafe according to many sources.
I added some nearby nodes(I found them in bitinfocharts) through ‘addnode add’ command after using ‘ping’ to make sure they’re on, but they didn’t appeared in my connections.
I can keep my computer up 12 hours or so a day and I’d like to run a node that is not a leech, am I doing this right? What else needs to be done?

You have to setup your router in your house to forward port 9333 to your PC. The router configuration is usually accessible if you type in your internet browser - then you need the username and password of the router (usually a google search of your router model will tell you the default name and password). From the configuration look for PORT FORWARDING and set up port 9333 to forward to the internal IP address of your PC.

Thanks for the answer lazio!
I had to define a static DHCP first and then forward the port. It blinked an nineth connection now, so I guess it is working. For anyone who has the same problem, these links are really helpful:

Static DHCP
Forward ports

11 connections now. It’s working!