Zero Balance? Older wallet on latest litecoin version

The older Win7 computer that I used for Litecoin crashed. I have backups of the wallet.dat file from it.
My new computer had no Litecoin stuff on it so I downloaded the newest Litecoin Core and let it sync, and the balances showed Zero, then I exited and found the folder with wallet.dat in it and renamed it zerowallet.dat, then I copied my old backup wallet file into it and restarted Litecoin Core. It still showed zero balance and no transactions, of which there used to be many.

What can I do to recover my litecoins?

best way is to open the wallet using the older version…if you still see the coins there then you need to extract your private key from the wallet or sen the coins to a new address using the old wallet…
more than likely your wallet is not located in the correct location in the Appdata file…
the newest version makes a new folder named “wallets” in the appdata folder…
make sure that you have the wallet you know the coins are behind in that folder and it is named “wallet.dat” and that there is only that one wallet.dat file in there

this happened to me when upgrading from version 12 to 13…
I am currently trying to recover coins for a customer who used version 8 and it is not compatible with any other versions…
what happened is the encryption algorithm has changed over the years…the last steps of AES are different now than they use to be…

Thanks for replying. The older version (what number, I have no idea!) is on the crashed computer.
When I installed the latest version on the newer Win10 computer, and I tried to find the wallet.dat file, I do not recall seeing the new wallet folder you speak of. In fact, I renamed it where I found it, and replaced it with the older wallet file. I was shocked to see zero balances!

I am in the slow process, due to zero funds on my part (I am nearly blind, disabled, and on limited income that fails to cover expenses) of trying to recover the HD out of that crashed computer and see if I can read it or use it in one of those USB multi-drive-accepting ports/docking stations. This may not happen for over a week or more. Pardon my ignorance; I don’t know what I am doing; just grasping at straws! The Litecoin was my savings. I thought one could get it and HODL until it was needed, and didn’t realize it was more of an ongoing hobby to keep up with.

if it is an HD wallet then it should have no issues with the newest version…
older wallets wont show a balance until the chain is synced unfortunately…but you can just make sure the balance is there by checking the address at
as long as you replace the wallet.dat file with your backup and then rename it wallet.dat
it will rescan once you start litecoin-qt

fyi…I do offer recovery services for a 20% fee if you are interested…send me a personal message if needed

did you make a backup?

most likely you need to open your appdata folder and cut and paste it into the wallets folder and rename it wallet.dat as well as ensuring it is the only wallet.dat file in the folder…

here is the location of the appdata folder:

you need to move your wallet in version 17 to the “wallets” folder loated here:

Thank you, all is well!

Happy to help