YouTuber seeks sponsorship

Hello, I am a fan of Litecoin and I do believe in the cryptocurrency. Lately I’ve been searching for Litecoin news or cool videos talking about Litecoin developments and I only find drab videos that are outdated. The latest news besides Segwit is the roadmap that was put out on the site. I’ve been considering starting a channel devoted to Litecoin.

Advanced user of Vegas Pro and Photoshop.

Have 5 YouTube channels.

Some examples of my work can be seen:

Should be number one result in Google.


“Happy Gamer”

I could start a new channel devoted to Litecoin. Wondering if sponsorship or something would be possible. Would also like to be in touch with a developer in order to portray specific details clearly that are obviously non-classified info. Details like breaking down the 2017 roadmap or plans for implementing lightning transactions.


Why not go ahead and develop the channel since you have an interest in litecoin. The vast majority of the community currently work for free. You’ve contributed how? And you’re asking for sponsorship for having done what?

Nothing wrong with developing the channel and including a donation address.