Youtube is the media to reach people easily

Youtube is one of the perfect media nowadays for marketing so we will spread 3.5 LTC giveaway announcement on each of our youtube channel …This will reach people easily and they will get to know more about LTC…

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I like the YouTube idea, but giveaways to get members comes across as desperate. Quality content is best to draw in the best participating members.

Some quality speakers on LTC fundamentals and possible goals would draw a good crowd without having to offer contests.


Thanks for your reply…till yesterday in my trust wallet I was holding 5nos LTC BEP2 some how I tried swapping and due to in sufficient BNB it was not done … After this action my LTC is totally gone and it is showing only zero coin …no other coin added also…now how to trace and get back my 5 coins …please help me…

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Yes It is the best way to reach every one because youtube is widely use and a lot

Good idea to use YouTube, it’s definitely engaging.