Your favorite LTC mining pool

Hi all!

Here I would like that you leave your favorite LTC mining pool name and the reasons why did you choose this pool. Please mention also what hardware do you use at this pool.

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I have not mined for a long time…

FREE no fees and pays 103% and keeps up and does not go down (in 2 years don’t even have a backup pool set)

Good for flaky KNC Titans :slight_smile:

here is a link to their online LTC calculator .it includes the 3% bonus

Anyway with as ‘iffy’ as the titans can be (can you say touchy?) it works great

now if frigging LTC would get back to 0.008 or 0.01 LTC to BTC in price…from its current (just looked)
0.00470 LTC to BTC

well hell, he’d probably put it back to 6% bonus after a year of this LTC price crap (imho) . Free, gives you bonus, been around for a long time, stable and has very good statistics…

The pools supporting segwit.


The pools signaling segwit


I’m at And I got a lot of blocks already (six LTC blocks for February, with 136 MH/s!)…