[WTS] Antminer L3+ from Singapore/Malaysia

Please Checkout my ebay listing


Yet another Scammer trying to sell an nonexistent L3+ preorder from Bitmain.

According to eBay history this user also sold 1 Credit Card Magnetic Encoder and 1 Mobile Credit Card Reader. These items are usually used by credit card scammers / thiefs to encode stolen credit card numbers to magnetic strip. Someone dealing with these items is not exactly a person you can trust.

This user has 0 positive feedback on eBay in the last year - no items sold.

DO NOT BUY or place BIDS.

Also: User [teeed] signed up 9HRS ago. Went straight into Sell mode. DO NOT BUY

I’m here to advertise my ebay listing , not to scam people . I wish you’re in front of me right now and say this in front of my face.

People like you and scammers and the one that makes legitmate online seller pain in the ass to sell stuffs.

That is comercially used megnatic card reader where you bought it in a set, yes thiefs also used that, yet I successfully sold the item and received a positive feedback.