Wrong transaction to Litecoin adress

Hello, I mistakenly sent 4.03 LTC coins to your Litecoin address can you sent it back to my adress? Thank you.




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Litecoin transactions are irreversible and nobody can change them. If you send them by mistake, only the one that controls the receiver address can move the funds (and if you have been scammed, it’s highly unlike the funds will be sent back).

If that really happened, it would only be proper to return said LTC.
Sure there is no way to enforce it, but honesty should not depend on enforcement.

This situation would not happen because the recipient can not be identified so how would you know who to send the message to? Keep that in mind if you receive a message like this. It’s a scam. Check your wallet, there won’t be an incoming transaction from that address. Do Not follow any links in that message!

You just payed the stupid tax. Write it off on your next itemized 1040 form.