World of Warcraft + Litecoin?!

Hey Guys, I’m the new one. :v:

I started a project which combines a World of Warcraft Server with a Litecoin node.
Im spending hundreds of hours in game development since years. By exploring github I found TrinityCore. I thought “why not” and started to combine these two things to create a real cash mmorpg. There is actually no gold generated in the game the only way is to convert litecoin into ingame gold and back. Without fees.
I’m thinking about a possibility to earn some gold as player, but should be balanced for both, me and the players.

So what are u thinking about this idea folks?


This sounds amazing. I’m not quite sure how you would add a LTC node to WOW. But the whole world is massive, keep us in the loop. Can you see it in the game? Have other players noticed, commented or interacted??

We’ve seen some amazing gaming integrations in the last year. This is a new one, maybe we should get some mentions if it goes well!


Im glad to read such a positive reply on this Topic.
The way to connect these both Server I “simply” coded a php based website.
At this u can Deposite and Withdraw Litecoin and Exchange them to InGame Gold and back.
The Rate is fixed: 10k Gold(100M copper) = 1 Litecoin(100M satoschi)
So 1 copper = 1 Litecoin satoschi.
For more Informations join my Discord Server. Falx

There is no public registration for this project to keep maximum Security. (Whitelisting).
If there are any Hackers out there reading these, ur allowed to do anything to get inside.
I Reward every Secruity Breach with 0.1 Litecoin.
Yes thats not much, but only in this way i can keep my word.

I have to repeat that at this time it is in a TestPhase, so plz think twice if u wanna deposite.
The website is only available in german and black/white.
Things like English language switch, colors and SSL encryption will follow.

And by the way the Version is 3.3.5a Wrath of the LichKing.

I can giveaway a onetime start amount of gold for the first players
Withdraw is then blocked by default until u are out of Gold.

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The Website still dont have colors but i improved overview and added SSL encryption.
The TestPhase is still runnig. I have played to Lv 51 now and didnt found any golddrop until now.
Also the Deposite and Withdraw is tested for couple of times and works great.

Would be awesome to get some more Testplayers.
I have first ideas for gold drops and events with gold bountys.

So U are intressted and have some time meet me in discord :slight_smile:
Or Reply here

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Super interesting idea! Kind of reminds me of the whole freemium thing (I think that’s what it’s called) where you can download games for free and earn some money in them but pretty much pay to get access to all the cool stuff. Including LTC is a great idea and I would play something like this.

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Discord Invite has changed

hey, dude. hows the server going on? i want to sell my gold for litecoins! :slight_smile:

This is a private Server.
U cant transfer ur Gold from Live Servers or other private Server to my one.
Actually u dont have an Account

can i have link to your website

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U find all informations in Discord
Send me a private message there including an email address and u get access to website and game.

Hey this sounds dope!

So the only way to get gold is to use Litecoin? then the only way to buy items in game is with gold? Can Litecoin be redeemed with gold?

Yes I made a small website for deposite, withdraw and exchange.
And yes the only way to get gold is to use litecoin at the beginning. At higher levels there will be some gold rewards.

And Yes u can convert ur gold back to Litecoin. :wink:

I assume it is only a matter of time before new iterations of these games will integrate with crypto and the Metaverse.

You should continue it.

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I need testplayer :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you manage that quest?
A how to would be great to have.
@Litecoin could be way better off if it had, modules, plugins and extensions for most websites, forums, message-boards etc.

How to what? :sweat_smile:

How to connect?
I’m working at a dashboard for my project(s)


Its in a early state.
I think I will complete most functions in middle of Jan’22

yo THAT is amazing!!! Any progress on a finished product? or what is missing to make it functional?

The actually state is this project is frozen.
It would need a active community and much time.
Had some testplayers, the world was pretty good and just some small bugs.
The exchange from gold to litecoin has worked well. I had alot of ideas what could be possible but without a community it doesn’t make much sense.

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