WLTC : LTC to the DeFi!

I am very excited about LTC entering the DeFi.
Is WLTC only on Tron or also on Ethereum ?

And does it have centralization issues like WBTC, USDT, USDC, etc?
i.e. BitGo and Tether companies have the power to freeze your WBTC, USDT at will.
In the case of WLTC the custodian AFAIK is Poloniex, i hope it has not the freeze feature.

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I read somewhere that if you hold xrp and you have applied the flr airdrop you can also get the LTC airdrop is coming in the next few months automatically? Is this true ?

hi, is this confirmed by the project team ?.


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This integration can prove very useful for the entire LTC ecosystem. Hoping we will see news like these.

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The Flare integration are good news too.

What i was actually talking about is WLTC on Tron, announced by Justin Sun on FB.

So i think it is an official thing


AFAIK Justin Sun announced it on his Twitter and Facebook.

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Hello! How to send LTC / WLTC?