Withdrawel ltc electrum


My father bought ltc a long time ago. I have a phrase of 11 words so one is missing. I don’t have the file to open it with in combination with my private key.

The only thing i have is the password of electrum wallet and the private key.

The status of the transaction stays as unpaid and it’s only possible to read the file.

any way to withdrawal?

‘The status of the transaction’

Does this mean you have access to the wallet and have sent them somewhere?

status is unpaid. Because i logged in with my password only.

Can’t add the wallet that was saved on the laptop, because don’t have it

So, you have ltc electrum, password for it, and the wallet works… what’s the problem?

Could you drop the transaction id (tx) here so we can look at it on the litecoin explorer?

I want to send it to binance. The status of the transaction stays on unpaid. This is because i access the wallet with only reading.

can’t figure it out how to get full access with private key & password without the missing words and walletfile

if you want to figure it out yourself … start here: https://www.reddit.com/r/litecoin/comments/mgihrn/i_only_have_1112_words_to_my_litecoin_wallet_no/

i’m Zerpling on reddit btw :stuck_out_tongue:

haha thanks, will look into it. If it’s real i appreciate the help.

It might be that your father setup a multisig wallet, needs more than one key to sign transactions.

Also might be a legacy litecoin address, what year did he get his litecoins?

Personally I would recreate the wallet from seed, trying all options for the final 12th word. I believe the wordlist is the same as bitcoin bip 39

it is bip32. I don’t know which word is missing. maybe it’s word nr 6 or 12. no idea. so there are millions of options

litecoin went in the wallet in august 2018.

if i fill in his password it’s just a read wallet.

If there were 12 seed words and you are missing one, you can go to the list of 1024 words that are used for seed words and try them one at a time so you have all 12. Are you missing the first word or last word? The 12th word should be a hash of the first 11 words. There might be a program you can use to give you a list of possible words that will fit the qualification of being your missing word so you don’t have to try the whole list.

Just got back to this forum post now Job, apologies.

One avenue, which you may need technical assistance from someone you trust is to crack your own seed phrase. As you said there are 1024 options for this last missing word of the 12, sadly because you don’t know which position/order it is in this may make it difficult.

Get someone you trust that can code python - tell them to create script that locally creates private keys for each of the of the 1024 options in position 12. The export of this script should be all those private keys for your 11 words + 1024 options for position 12.

Then create another script that imports each private key in a wallet, syncs it with the blockchain, and returns a value or string to you if there is any balance in the wallet. Run the 1024 options for position 12. Then consider if you want to do that for all the other positions in the seed phrase (for example word 6).

This will take some time, and you should probably pay the person making your script or give them a % reward if it works. Really depends how much LTC you are talking about.

Good luck

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within the reddit thread @L_D shared is a link to a repository on Github with this js code there… might be a good starting point


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