[WIP] Bit it Rain 11,000+ Litecoin ATM near you in Mexico


Bit it Rain 11,000+ Litecoin ATM near you in Mexico

This is still a WIP.
Bit it Rain! Is currently working just fine with Bitcoin; we are working on Litecoin implementation that should be finished one or two weeks from now.

What is it?
Bit it Rain! is the service that takes advantage of those existing ATM and turns them into Litecoin raining machines.

How do I use it?

Most ATM in Mexico are capable to be used wit no card at all, if you own pairs of codes that let you withdraw cash (generated by bank customers for said propouse). Bit it Rain! is your easiest way to get such codes without even being customer of any bank institution.

It is easy as 1. 2. 3.

  1. Select the amount of cash you need.
  2. A unique address will be generated for the e-mail you provide. Send equivalent LTC amount to it.
  3. TX confirms (~3min), BIR e-mails you a pair of codes you can use to withdraw cash on a growing number of ATM al over the country. Go to your prefered ATM and Bit it Rain!

How many ATM does Bit it Rain! currently support?
Currently, Bit it Rain! can connect you to any of 11,000+ ATM of a major Mexican Bank that covers all the country.
We are constantly expanding our coverage, so expect being able to use even more ATMs by the following months.

How do you guarantee spending codes can be delivered?
We do ask you to verify your e-mail, so you don’t need to wait in front of the screen while your transaction gets confirmed on-chain; this way, we are able to e-mail you the spending codes once it gets confirmed, even if you lost connection to our website because of any eventuallity.

The address we ask you to send LTC is unique to you, so you can easily send correspondent LTC amount and simply let our automated system take care of the rest; we’ll ensure your spending codes arrive automagically on your inbox.

Do I need to signup for an account on your website?
No, you don’t need to!
In fact, we don’t ever ask you to select yet another password; what we do is ask you to verify your e-mail so we can deliver your codes automatically once your TX gets confirmed on chain.

What about encryption?
All the communication between our users and our servers is fully encrypted with TLS, even the information we send to you by e-mail is.
We don’t store any form of passwords, as user authentication is done via in-memory short-term JWT tokens.

How can I reach you?
You can always drop us an e-mail to [email protected], we’ll answer any posible doubts you have ASAP. We are here to help

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