Win 1 Litecoin before Dec 30 2020!

This one is independent of I will send 1 LTC to a user signed up before Dec. 30. So you can participate in both.


How can I retweet this here and I don’t really get I’m new here


And how can I mine Litecoin


But how to win it.


I hope I understand the procedure … :smiley:

The best Christmass Gift :smiley:

i have retweet and follow,good job litecoin

:+1: отлично

We have 44 eligible users

I will draw a random number in the range of [0, 43] using the Litecoin blockchain. The latest block height is 1992024. Let’s divide the hash of block 1992024 + 1000 by 44 and use the remainder as the random number.

Stay tuned!

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Antminer L3+

The final winner should be the 32nd user, i.e.

@nitronecro28 Please contact me for the 1 LTC.

If the chosen user does not come online in 7 days, we will roll the dice again.

Hi sir i confirm here

This my $LTC Addy :


Great! Let me send you the Litecoin. Thank you for participating in this campaign.


Sure, big thank you for appriate :pray::pray:

1 Litecoin sent in this transaction Transaction d234426b84...27c5. Please check.

Now let’s conclude this thread. Thanks to all for participating in this campaign and congratulations to @Nitronerco28!

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