Will We all Buy the New Batch of Antminer L3+?

I am still very new in mining , I even still did not start as I was going to build GPU rig then I found out about the Antminer and the different super Rigs , Yesterday , New sale started at Bitmain.com for End of September Batch.
I have booked 4 Antminer L3+ Devices but I still did not pay or make the transaction.

I want please your advises about this device and if it is okay to use it in UAE ( I live near Dubai , Sharjah city)

Does any one have an advise or a problem with Bitmain or Antminer L3+ ?

Your advises are welcomes

my regards to you all in advance

I live in a similar climate as yours and the main issue is whether after the electricity you will spend cooling these machines, if it will be profitable for you. They also tend to fail due to high temperatures. It will be like trying to cool 4x800W heaters plus the heat produced by the individual power supplies. Unless you have access to an industrial level server room trying to cool these things in Dubai with a split unit or any sort of home A/C unit is a loosing battle.

hello zedan,
even i’m new to this mining things, the sooner you get hands on it the more profit you can make from it or ROI, i did some research and end of the story is no one can predict the difficulty of hash rate when you’ll receive the miner so its a gamble in a way or other, because daily revenue keeps reducing day by day.
have you made the payment or not?
i’m thinking to buy one but if i’ll place order now it’ll be for November batch, if you havent made the payment then i can take 2 of them and you can have 2 so we both can take the risk rather than canceling the order. waiting for your reply.


Hi there!

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