Will Litecoin ever be worth 10k

Hello everyone,

This is my first post here and I am about to ask the question that matters the most to me as all my crypto holdings at the moment are on Ltc. Bought in recently at 56$. I am struggling financially as of now so can not afford much but willing to uy more with every opportunity I have regardless of the price I get as I am willing to hodl long term.

I do believe that cryptos as still little babies growing and so my point of view is that we still havent seen the potential of them .But how wrong can I be ? Will it ever be possible to see litecoin selling for 10000usd a coin ?

My view, for what it’s worth, is that all crypto will crumble against the new financial structure being built as part of (Covid-19!) the World Economic Forum’s ‘global reset’ which will see the CB’s emerge with a full on digital currency that is not crypto.
Crypto will then only be worth something in the black markets or Agorist movement.

Hope this helps.

ps - one of the only true currencies to invest in right now is (physical) Silver. It will explode back end of next year

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There is no doubt nations will minted their own digital currencies…already happens in Venezuela but it aint succesful cuz they buy crypto. African nations do the same cuz they do not trust their governments.
Who would want a centralized controlled financial system when crypto offers decentralized wallet…u can finally be ur own bank
Adoption is growing, BTC and LTC ATM machines and commercials everywhere, The very famous video game Litebringer is now integrated into the Litecoin Network…hence the late uptrend.
For me the fundamentals are huge not mentionning David Burkett work on LTC privacy transactions which will definitely give an egde to LTC.
Not sure it will grow to 10K but like u said buy silver… crypto silver aka LTC


Crypto will be a store of value, not something inflatable like CBDC’s plus they will have a means of exchange, crypto will have value and even more so after the govts go digital

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I do love physical silver, but crypto’s will definitely be there as younger generations steer away fro Gold and silver. It’s inevitable


My believe is that for a long time to come Bitcoin will be the king of crypto. LTC and a few others will also benefit from this as store of value and “cash” due to lower fee.
Personally i would not allocate everything into one asset. I think BTC should always be nr1 choice. Even Charlie said this. I have myself BTC/LTC/ETH and a few other but mainly in these 3.
If price reaches to 1000 per LTC is all dependent on how successfull BTC will be in the future. Right now everything points in that direction, latest news is paypal joining the crypto.
I’m very bullish.

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Crypto Research Report Group is calling for Litecoin to reach $1,200 in 2025, and $2,250 in 2030.

John (from OSOM Finance)

Next 7-8 years

For that to happen LTC will need a market cap of $700 billion. To be honest I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Sorry dude.

It will happrn 2025 i believe, after next halving we are at moon again

It needs some more time, maybe when the whole crypto is adopted by larger populations and big businesses & companies

i don’t think it would be happening anytime soon. Though you have made a good choice investing in LTC but try to diversify your portfolio if you want to get good gains.

It will be faster then we though…

With all this pandemic and stimulus, BTC and LTC will suddenly bullish…

It is super bullish…


It might reach high prices but I personally like to go by the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. It might be a good idea to diversify a bit, put some money into other coins or other assets as well, just in case it doesn’t work out.

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Yeah, diversification is an effective strategy rather than only investing in one crypto.

Biggest wealth transfer in history will happen i think…! Its a matter of enduring bull/bear market overcoming instant rush of selling lol

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