Will litecoin be a good investment in 2019?

Well!! litecoin is performing really well in the crypto market, several crypto experts predict that the
litecoin price prediction the price will rise high in the upcoming years.
investment for the context of 2 to 3 years will give better returns on investments.

What’s your point of view on litecoin?

Yes, I’m invested in Litecoin and I think it will be a good investment because of the technology and community behind it. I am long the Litecoin community which anyone on Twitter following them would probably agree is a good idea. It’s the technology part of Litecoin I think people don’t appreciate. As a engineer, I find working with Litecoin to be much easier. The 2 minute block time makes it faster to develop and test, especially helpful with Lightning network engineering. Everything on Litecoin transfers well to Bitcoin. Further, I find sending money around with Litecoin is cheaper and easier because the fees and block time, so I will always be holding and transacting with Litecoins. And, I like doing business online with vendors that accept Litecoin, I would pay a premium if it means pay in LTC and it’s disappoint to see when Litecoin is not an option to pay. For my investment in Litecoin, I mine Litecoin, hold mostly computer hardware and masternodes. Right now I am hoarding my LTC because of the halving coming up in August. Generally, I don’t speculate on the price of Litecoin relative to other crypto investments. I actually would put myself into the Bitcoin maximalist camp. Yet, I’m invested in Litecoin and I certainly think it will be a good investment in 2019 and beyond.