Will and should Litecoin make Banks disappear?

What are you opinions on this? Im looking at the price for Litecoin right now and think the price will beat Bitcoin in the near future, but using Litecoin to do transactions will make banks and financial institutes so on useless.

What are your opinions? Will Litecoin be the #1 crypto?

I guess it depends what you mean by “banks”. Different banks serve different functions of course, from holding assets, to lending money, to creating money.

Can litecoin alone recreate the whole financial world and redefine what “banking” is? I think that is a bit ambitious.

I do believe it is a project that has merit and potential to change the world for the better (along with the crypto movement as a whole). Keep holding and feeding the community as much as possible and don’t forget to spread the word. The whole movement provides so much hope for the future I believe, the disparity of wealth and power will be greatly affected by communities like this

Litecoin will probably be used by banks that incorporate it within credit cards. Some, like certain VISA cards & BitPay, already allow you to load up cryptoassets and spend them anywhere and anytime you are on the go.