Why would anyone hold or buy Litecoin at this point?

What are your thoughts on this?

I will buy and hold. Dogecoin already mooning, so will Litecoin.

Because Litecoin is old, many exchanges already accept it, so it has more liquidity than newer coins. And it’s exactly because Litecoin is uninteresting that it’s interesting. The value of Litecoin doesn’t come from it, but from the society that backs it.


I started accumulating litecoin after seeign david post regardign Mimblewimble implemetation . I researched on that got real great potential on that like ethereum 2.0 implementation . I am believing on the new litecoin feature.

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LTC transactions are more seamless and faster than BTC and almost free (unlike ETH). I see no issue in transferring btc to ltc for day to day transactions and back to btc for wealth storage.


Because it will increase in the future I have 25 Litecoin at this moment and I trade 24cryptohubs here com