Why Should I Mine on P2Pool?

Originally created and launched in 2011, P2Pool is a decentralized global network of miners pooling their collective resources to mine cryptocurrency.

The P2Pool software is open source, provably fair, and completely decentralized with no central point of control or failure.

Our P2Pool node has been mining for 3 years, and now mines Litecoin and Dogecoin simultaneously via AuxPoW merged mining.

Why you should mine on P2Pool:

  • Anonymous Merged Mining
  • No Registration
  • 500:1 Dogecoin Bonus
  • Payouts from the Blockchain
  • Mint Litecoin with No History
  • Free +550 MH/s HyperBoost
  • P2Pool’s Largest Litecoin & Dogecoin Node
  • 3 Years of Statistics
  • Free Technical Support

Try our calculator and mine some Litecoin & Dogecoin with us at HyperDonkey.com!