Why LTC is igonored?

I came across the article “Nissan Accepts Dogecoin(DOGE) as a Payment Option”.

Why is that not the case with LTC, any thought?

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Forget the news. The news aren’t there to inform, but to manipulate people.


LTC is number two of all available coins. LTC appears to take the approach; of “build it and they will come.” I think it’s a good philosophy, but I also agree, even if grassroots, a concentrated publicity team would help spread its strength in addition to communities collaborating to do the same.

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I discovered this site a few weeks ago. Great friendly informative forum. LTC will have its day. Be grateful it’s flying under the radar right now and keep adding. I’m thinking its a sleeping giant. .


According to Coin Market Cap > Litecoin constantly has top 5 to top 3 volume of all crypto currencies. Aka it is the 3rd most traded crypto world wide with the top 3 liquidity.

Doge is mined alongside Litecoin. As Elon Musk pointed out, there are just a few very large bag holders. I suspect they trigger these pumps to dump their Doge bags from time to time.

I would not be surprised if some relatives (kids) are mining Doge and get some pump help from their dads to dump their coins (just speculation). But after all it is doggy isn’t it.

Another possibility is that Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites are mining Litecoin and Dogecoin. Which also would explain whyElon pumps Doge from time to time .

I found this article which figured that each satellite has solar panels the size of 30 m2 producing 6kw. Plenty to co-mine Litecoin & Doge coin.