Why LTC is great?

Litecoin had zero downtime and is a top-10-ranking cryptocurrency ever since it was invented. What are your thoughts?

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Litecoin has some pretty fast confirmation times. As well as having amazingly low transaction fees!

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Litecoin constantly has the 3rd highest trading volume / liquidity among all coins according to CMC. It is traded on virtually all major and minor exchanges. It is supported by PayPal, Revolut and many more payment networks and credit cards.

At today’s prices it would take

  • USD 93,4 bln to buy the remaining supply of Bitcoin
  • USD 23,6 bln to buy the remaining supply of XRP, but just
  • USD 2,8 bln to buy the remaining supply of Litecoin

Litecoin is seriously undervalued. It’s fair value today is USD 700 to 1366 when compared to XRP and Bitcoin.