Why litecoin should worth at least 5.000 dollars in next years?

-2013Bullrun: bitcoin $ 1100, litecoin was $ 50
Do a simple math and divide 110 / 50 = 22
-2017 Bullrun: bitcoin $ 20.000 dollars, litecoin $ 360
Simple math again and 20.000 / 360 = 55.5555…

So as we see, there is a ratio beetwen the prices and if we assume that bitcoin will go $100k (many people thinks even more like 400k or 500k) with this simple math if history repeats itself, 1 litecoin can worth at least 5.000 dollars end of the 2021.

what do you think about it ?


My prediction said LTC will worth $4k not 5k…


Yep, i agree $5k seems a little too far fetched but $4k seems promising.

I think these ratios are very arbitrary, it doesn’t seem to me like there is any logical correlation between these numbers. $5K by the end of 2021 sounds a bit too optimistic to me as well - I might be wrong of course, bull runs are hardly predictable.

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Durum Pozitif

Holding LTC ! :muscle::muscle::muscle:


I have a ‘simple’ goal for LTC price…it simply has to someday beat Bitcoin SV price…grrrr…Craig Wright…such a scammer…UNTIL Litecoin beats Bitcoin SV price…it will have ‘no hope’ if that 'scammer coin of BSV can confuse and hoodwink the masses…grrrrr…

my goals are modest…just beat BSV price LTC and stay there for my faith to somewhat be validated that most of ‘humanity’ are not simply hairless, hooting, primates…tossing poo…and destroying the planet…how BSV ever got beyond LTC price is one of the great mysteries of crypto ‘huh’ I’ve ever heard of these past years…grrrrr


yeah, Hodling is the best strategy to get our target price.

Bitcoin breaks records not only in price, but also in overbought! When is Litecoin’s turn?

Despite the similarities i don’t think we should be comparing LTC with BTC or any other altcoins. The one simple reason being popularity. there are still a lot of people who don’t know any other crypto besides BTC and they are invested in it. This is what gives BTC an edge over any other crypto and i think it will stay that way. As far as LTC price is concerned it won’t go anywhere near BTC in any time in future. This is my personal understanding of the market condition.