Why is @Litecoin on Telegram promoted?

so this is fake telegram channel?

No, it’s not fake. Simply the original poster doesn’t agree with how the channel is managed. You are welcome there if you want to talk about the price. But sometimes reasonable discussions are formed, too. But they don’t live long. :smiley:

Yeah. Watch out for Moonsie, he claims to be Charlie but then so do others there.

It’s not I just don’t like how it’s managed but also how many see it’s promoted in official AMA’s by the real Charlie, just like you said previously; “it’s crap” and a stain on LTC not representing LTCs actual progress in adoption, utility, and collaborations.

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Moonsie has some very weird humor, but I don’t think he seriously claims he is Charlie Lee. Everyone knows moonsie there and Charlie Lee is an active member of the channel, too. We cannot stop price discussion. I have spent the past month as a member. The channel is fine. From now on quote me on that, please. The admins are actively keeping it clean and the very disturbing people are banned.
It has some very weird inside humor dynamics, that requires time to get and get used to, but this is the internet, no surprise there. One can have reasonable discussions with some of the members.

Oddly, you seem to think the complaint is price or entirely on the lack of previous moderation. There is some now, but still, the room is unlike any other coin.

Even with the recent announcement on the advancement of MWEB, the moderator and main contributors were clueless.

The concern by many is why such a forum is promoted in almost every AMA. The humor or prices are not a concern. The lack of knowledge, redundant telling people to sell, especially new owners to sell at a loss, and promoted as the place to go for owners is ongoing.

This forum is the only quality LTC forum I’m aware of yet hidden.

In the Telegram group, David Burkette was kind enough to come in and explain some about MW. Some of the typical daily fudders were there who daily try to share new owners. It was good to see his presence caused a moderator to ban one chronic troll, although there are more who do so daily, and the focus is on education for a moment. Good job.

That group wrecks the comrade and reputation daily of those trying to educate about LTC. I hope it becomes a trend to make that an honest working group rather than scams. Finally, a moderator stood up; great to see. And again, good job David Burkette; we appreciate all your hard work and results.

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No matter what forum you go to there will be trolls, people who get their kicks offending, lying, misinforming. It’s part of living in a free speech society. They might try and manipulate opinion for financial gain. Free speech might offend you. Who gets to decide what’s right to do on a forum? Only the moderator. If you don’t like a forum, don’t try and change it, just leave it. Start a better one. Don’t make decision based on anybody’s opinion without research.

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I agree with your proactive stance. In that particular room, constructive people are often deleted and the same nonsense ongoing, more than most any room.

I don’t see why it would be promoted, given its current state. In addition certainly, that energy could be harnessed to create a positive benefit for LTC.

The unfortunate part is look who moderates those forums on Reddit and TG. I like this forum here and hope it doesn’t become like them and continues to support positive posts from Burkette and Jay Mila.

Some people use FUD to hope for lower prices of LTC.
I agree: an iron fist in the telegram litecoin group would do some good.

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I completely agree.