Why is litecoin doing so well, lately?

Litcoin is doing well, lately. Especially against bitcoin. The price is going steadily up and the trading volume looks solid. At least in the coingecko graph:

Does anybody know, what is the reason for that? Especially why is there such a solid trading volume?

Is it that we are heading towards a block reward halving?
Is it that LTC will be joining the mimblewimble protocol?
Is there something else that adds up to all that?

I’d be very interested to hear your opinion on the matter.


Institutional funds investments, perhaps?

On what basis do you suggest that?

And even if it was true, that is exactly the question. Why?

The halving of LTC that is happening in the fall? (August I think?) Also, the mimblewimble protocol.

we will see


Why is it falling now this much? It fell from 0,018 BTC all the way down to 0,013 BTC, as of today. Any ideas?

I bought yesterday at $78.18 and now it is $72.39. I be bad. :frowning: Sorry about that it is how I roll.

I suppose institutional investments are the reason for this rise, don’t really know what’s happening now

Hey ya!

You know how everyone is like BTC price will skyrocket after several months because of halvening? Well LTC had its halvening and its been several months, time to move up.

Mimblewimble is defo a game changer. Fungibility a good step in the evolution of LTC.

Plus Litecoin project rocks man!

I doubt this helps :slightly_smiling_face: I just really like LTC

BTC and LTC are unique in that they are not like all other crypto. BTC has already been deemed not a security, so I think LTC will follow soon.

Plus BTC is gold and LTC is silver.

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