Why is github dead?


I’m curious if there are any core devs left working on LTC anymore?

I love LTC but looking into github i don’t get good vibes to be honest! I know David is working hard on MW implementation and as it shows only he has contributed code to LTC. And the whole 2022-2023 nothing has been changed. Comparing to BTC, Monero and many other projects i see much more activity!

Is there other repo’s that i miss?

This is Litecoins repo: Contributors to litecoin-project/litecoin · GitHub

Compare with BTC for instance:

So where are the core devs?
why has the github been pretty much dead since 2021, beside what David is working on with MW?

Or maybe there are other repos that are missing here?
Please help me understand this. I love LTC but if no one is working on the project and it has been abandoned by core devs, i don’t see a future…

Litecoin already works as it is. It’s one of the most used coins for making payments on BitPay (link), and I think it has even recently surpassed Bitcoin to take the top spot.

No need to fake growth or use make up for the sake of calling unwanted attention. Let’s continue to be silent and just keep going on.

Yes for sure, and i use it also preferably before BTC myself.
However BTC does allot of fixes so i’m worried that these don’t move over to LTC! As we know both share the same codebase so LTC should adopt the code from BTC much more regularly.
As for adoption that is great too that people use it more and more but that is different from the software being well maintained and updated regularly! this is where i’m worried about and so far i have not got any answer that justifies why LTC don’t move code from BTC. Maybe they do and i’m looking at it wrong? love to be proved wrong here :wink:
Same with my logic about fixes from BTC and why they are not merged to LTC for this long / so long in between!
I have been a dev before so i know the risk of not keep updating the code for long time in between, that is why i ask these question. Hope people don’t think i’m hating or anything. I just like to understand more about the why here! Maybe there is a reason i am missing.

Contradicted by that:

LTC is a fork of BTC its actually better than BTC, so why should it become worse?

No contradiction. I use it due to low fee and that it’s faster.
And there is good liquidity still.

It’s not that it becomes worse! With software, specially this level of cutting edge tech there is always bugs to fix and things to improve! And to me the improvement work is mainly being done on BTC and as such LTC should regularly take those into LTC.

To anwer my own question :slight_smile:
Got some good info from reddit uers


So i guess the funds go to many other things than just core. Good to know :slight_smile:

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Later sites are not reelated to the litecoin foundation so far I know.
Someone confirms @David @xiaojay

I believe it’s you who posted on /r/Litecoin too, and here’s my answer: Reddit - Dive into anything

Yes correct, that’s why i updated here with what i got from reddit :slight_smile:

And thanks for the info. Put a question for you in reddit too incase you can answer further :wink:

I also added some comments on reddit (here and here)

What funds? :slight_smile:

Was thinking about the funds that Charlie helps with + from Foundation

I think i read also Charlie was donating more LTC for further supporting the development…

ps. Thanks again for all the awesome work you are doing with MW!