Why I Sold All My LTC Just Now :(


I wonder what you are thinking about right now with Litecoin almost $200.



Not trying to be a jerk here but, you probably like most of us have seen the growth of these coins in the past 2-3 months. I can’t imagine how you are kicking yourself knowing that you have 200 coins and the value now is more than $300.

I think in general for most folks starting to invest, we tend to be emotional. Sometimes, you have to do a little more research and try to understand what you are investing in. :beers:



Bet you really want to kick yourself now?

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When investing without having news before everyone else hold for 6 months to 2 year me personally sold all my .75btc and jump on the ltc train at 300 no regrets



crypto is all about faith! stop being investors & start becoming believers and you shall be rewarded!

thus spoke maitreya… :joy:



Now I’m sure you wish you had not sold ,with lite coin at close too 300 per coin lol

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yeah 200 ltc would be 48k right now…



If you would have held your coins you would have made $300 off each one.



Poor sod gave up to quick.

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So, with LTC between 100 and 200, how do you feel now?
Investing in anything is not for the faint of heart.

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REGRETS NOW $200+. I sold 1000 like you at 2017 Summer time when it was $16, well never again will I sell holding for my retirement now building back up barely 200 ltc and won’t spend I got lucky and found a nice portion of them on old computer and bought at $1-2 bucks so its all win and my 1000ltc loss was a learning lesson.

Just another lesson, when Bitcoin was $1000 and fell to $110 range, that also was a lesson I sold all and bought a car, back in 2014 should of never done that, same car now worth over 1.2million if I didn’t get scared and sell.

Follow the charts see people yearly its the same ups and downs, early in the year is always the lows, end of the years its always the highs.

I should of learned after 4-5 years…now I take it serious as with the down times I walked away and didn’t trade buy or save…now I will do CRYPTO and coins solid as a career and won’t stop for the next few years, this should secure retirement and help my family!

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hello im new ,im italian boy and why i sold all my ltc just now?



And, ironically, with the price direction now maybe it WAS a good sell price? This coin is dead meat.



Yeah I’ve been trying to log in to respond to most of these new replies, but tbh. It’s too tough. Keep forgetting my pw LOL.

I actually decided to try again now. and yay. Password reset.

So you’re right. I think that if crypto goes lower, LTC might find its way to my sell. If LTC hits $45 again, then ironically, LOL, everyone who kept on hodling will be at where i sold, despite the $200 ath.

I often wonder if those people in this thread who told me that they held since $0.30 with like thousands of LTC, are they still around and didn’t sell? Weren’t they millionaires?

I’ve always secretly looked up to them in my short crypto journey.

And I was blessed to end up with an opportunity like that last Spring. I participated in an airdrop of a token… and it was free and unlimited. You could keep participating as long as you had another address.

I spent a total of $27 or so dollars in transaction fees to get millions of tokens.

I kept the addresses and forgot about therm. My friend recently asked me if he could buy my share (i told him about the airdrop). I got curious as to why, so I looked up the token and it’s now worth a dollar amount. That’s freaky! I turned my $27 into like $6k. . . but I didn’t sell.

I wanted to be cool like the antedelluvians in here who just held. Held until LTC was $200 (not sure if they sold). So I want to do the same. Planning on hodling my tokens lol, see where that gets me.

But it would be ironic if LTC fell back down to $45, and everyone who held for all those years just went 180 degrees… But then again, I would defintely buy back into LTC for the chance at $200 lol.



I think Trading Litecoin is very risky. There are some other ways to Earn 1 Litecoin Per day which are better than trading.



And what invest in now? I think about security tokens



It is almost 2 years now since I started this thread.

and all i can say is that we all had quite a ride – every1 on this thread.

we all made bad mistakes. I sold all my LTC instead of waiting for $200. But then, there are these hodlers on this thread too who didn’t sell at $200 and kept hodling…

LTC eventually fell back and even below the price I had originally bought it at, and I could’ve bought LTC again, but was out of crypto.

Now LTC is returnign to $200, and the cycle goes on and on every year or 2 years lol.

I’m thinking of getting back into crypto! Maybe I’ll buy LTC if it goes to $20 or something…

I personally don’t think BTC can ever fall below 3k. The days of $xxx bitcoin price are gone… which means the days of LTC being at $15 are gone too.

But anything can happen. 2k might happen in btc, and we might see ltc near 18.

my advice is too hodl until the price goes up a fair amount that nets you a huge amount. If you get greedy, you’ll miss the top. Is it not better to sell at $100 than to miss $200 and the price falls to $30 again?

It’s called a golden median. Not extreme hodl and not extreme selling.

The people who didn’t sell at $200 probably were hodling since 2013 or earlier… because they bought at $4 or less. Now it’s 2019, soon to be 2021 when crypto goes up. we only live on earth for 60 to 70 years. They are not teens or twenties… would you rather enjoy your money when you’re young or keep hodling for that $1,000 LTC and become a millionaire but be like 50?



Well I got back into LTC at $94.75 the other day in full FOMO mode. Long term HODL. We will see, as usual…it dumped right after I bought it. (Its a skill I have with any crypto).

Chump or Champ only time will tell


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then again it will soon fall =)):rofl::rofl:



That is how it usually goes when I buy any crypto. Down She Goes!

I’m going long term thought…in full HODL mode well after the halving this year