Why don't we all ask online services to accept Litecoin payments?

With a fee of 40-50 cents bitcoin microtransactions become obsolete.
There is a lot of domain name registrars, hosting providers, gambling sites what accepts bitcoins and not accepts litecoins. Owners of these services don’t know about current situation with bitcoin block size, they probably even don’t know about litecoin. Litecoin is a most used cryptocurrency after bitcoin and could be accepted as payment method for these websites.
I think it will be good if people who used to pay with bitcoin on some service ask support of these websites about litecoin payments. I did my part, sent some mails to support of some online stores where I buy electronics, now it’s your turn.


I would also like to see an improvement of LoafWallet v1.0.0. If so, settling all the poker/beer/lunch debts amongst friends would be one easy an natural step/introduction to LTC. If anyone from the Litecoin Association is reading this; I have some ideas…:wink:

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Sometime litecoin have big fees too…