Why doesn't electrum-LTC ask for a password when I open the wallet?

Why doesn’t Electrum-LTC ask for a password when I open the wallet client? Electrum-BTC wallet does this and I’m happy about it…

Haven’t used electrum; but, all my wallets open without a password. If I try sending coins I get asked for the password then.

Reason, not the same versions:

  • Bitcoin Electrum is at version 2.8.3

  • LTC Electrum is currently at 2.6.4, on their official website (electrum-ltc.org), which is a version released in May 2016 - most likely the version that you are using.

  • If your were to upgrade to the latest Github version at 2.8.3, you would be asked for your passphrase - like for the Bitcoin Electrum.

If you are not equipped to compile your binary on your system - then wait a few days/weeks, until Pooler makes the Windows or OSX binaries available on the official website.