Why do people still mine LTC?

I’m curious why people still mine LTC, it’s so not profitable anymore. I turned off my KnC Titan long time ago. With todays diff it would take my Titan (350Mh/s) a year to mine 3.7 LTC! Why even bother for $150 a year?
Back in 2014 when I got my Titan it did over 8 LTC a day!
I would expect the diff would drop, but is doesn’t. It’s half of the diff one year ago, but still going up again. Why?

You’d probably need like $90 LTC again to even run a Bitmain L3+ again. As to why, it is reflected in LTC’s price…not much happening development of LTC as usual (always been this way) and it is reflected in price…and thus any desirability to mine LTC with POW mining also wanes…better stuff to mine with your scrypt-pow miner (not much) but still. Also at these prices NO real reason for an ASIC maker to make another scrypt-pow miner of any flavor, be it LTC or another. The whole mechanism is kinda stuck. :frowning: I wish Litecoin would merge with Cardano or something of note, we need some drama with this coin…plod and boring is not cutting it anymore. :frowning: