Wht is the next level for LTC to watch

Can we enter at these level In LTC

You can enter any day at any price if you believe this will work in the long term.

Second what @pguerrerox said. I tend to not look for levels to enter and just slowly buy in over time. I tend to see that whenever there is a > 30% run-up in a 1-week period, there’s usually a pull back 5-15%

I have friends that bought into the $80 run-up in early fall, I have friends that bought in the 90$ run up a week or two ago, all my friends are happy.

My best advice is to buy in slowly over time, don’t wait for a “major correction” and don’t be afraid of the price being “too high.” Just build a position slowly and keep cash on hand so you can take advantage when there are pull backs.

And if you’re feeling dangours, sell off and take some profits after major bull runs, then buy back on the pull backs.

Maybe we’ll see $200 this month, December is usually a good month for markets.

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Well, this is an unprecedented run even for LTC so I don’t think there is a “next level”, although you’ll find some newsletter pegging $200 as the next target. But I think no one knows for sure. (Oh but maybe@nehgekim has some insights, I wasn’t keeping an eye on the crypto market last year so wasn’t sure what was the performance in December 2016).

So I basically agree with the above posters. Just buy in slowly if that’s the reason why you’re asking. As for me, I’m just holding, not gonna get distracted by the day to day…I’m betting on the longer term point of view. Just my 2 cents.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

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litecoin ,bitcoin ,doge and a lot other are flying up .
must of the people that bought 4 years ago bitcoin they believe that it will arrive to 500K $ each and I believe them.
about litecoin ,no one knows what will append for sure but I believe that the future is really good ,not 200 or 300 or 500 $ ,I belive that in one year lite will be over 1000$.
how do I know?
a lot of sites sell lite for 300/500$ each and there is a lot of buyer.
you can wait one week and see the 200$


Done, what is next? 300

Done… now What?


Litecoin technology is also very likely to incorporate newer features in the future, while keeping its original benefits, and could soon be used by large corporations for transactions. Having fallen from its high of $320 in early 2018, the Litecoin cryptocurrency is looking to be a tempting buy for many investors.

Litecoin price prediction are that it would reach $905.118 in 5 Years.