Whole New Idea About Cryptocurrency Card

Hello there, it’s not long that I get to know about crypto currency. At first, I heard the name “Bitcoin” before I get the idea of crypto currency. It’s been growing ever since it’s born. Now there’s lot of crypto currencies around the world. Well, what I want is a master card or something similar to it, which I can use to maintain my online money. I’m not sure if it’s possible cause debit cards or credit cards or master cards or visa cards…. Every single one of them are sealed with my name on it. I mean these cards always carry its user identity. But I don’t want my identity with my online money. That’s the whole point of crypto currency, right? I was looking for something like crypto credit card with identity protection. I think I have found what I was looking for https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/butler-live-cryptocurrency-card-for-btc-eth-ltc-money-cards#/. It is still in crowdfunding. I like the idea already since I don’t have to open my computer every time I want to keep me posted about my online money. It’s two e-ink screens display your crypto currency holdings on one display and on the other one a virtual real-time translation of the values of those holdings in Dollar, Pound, Euro or other major currencies.

CoinsBank has “no-name cards” available (non-US residents only I believe).


Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with CoinsBank and I’ve never used their services before, but I’ve checked them out in my own search for such a card.

be warned that if your in the US that coinsbank wont allow any more than $20 transactions per month and they do not tell anyone this unless you ask customer support…

I’d suggest using bitpay and just trading litecoin for bitcoin until they adopt litecoin or someone else comes up with a card that doesn’t charge you every time you want to log into your account like coinbank does…

10cents per text message for 2 factor is just stupid (coinsbank)