Who moved from Bitcoin to Litecoin because of lower fees?

Good day everyone,

I’m old in crypto, since Bitcoin was trading around $200 on 2016.
I was using Bitcoin sometimes to buy online digital products, mostly Playstation store balance, Itunes balance, …etc.

but since 2020, i started to see high amount of fees on bitcoin network for buying products worth of $50 to $100, i looked on store which i use, which crypto currencies it support, and i find Litecoin, BitcoinCash, beside to Bitcoin.

I don’t know why, but i started to use Litecoin to buy my digital goods, and i was really happy with it because it has almost no fees, this is what makes me to move to Litecoin, and later i find more benefits for using Litecoin as like faster transactions to confirm, so i was receiving my product faster and at lower fees. this was so exiting for me after years of Bitcoin using.

Now after about one year of Litecoin using, i’m glad to be real investor with Litecoin.
I don’t want to give many reasons, but for me personally, it has lower fees, faster, and supported on mostly all stores i used.

Thanks for Litecoin foundation, for the great and longtime needed updates they have above Bitcoin.

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I did too. I will stick to this coin.

я полностью согласен. и очень сожалею, что оратил внимание на лайткоин только в 2020 году. надеюсь что лайткоин будет стоить 1/4 биткоина.

Was it the right movie I am apparently confused…?

I’m developer and now working on app where we will accept LTC. LTC have low fees and is well known brand, that’s why we will promote LTC in our app instead BTC.

Thanks for the Input.

Litecoin has many advantages over Bitcoin. First one is the low transaction fees like OP mentioned. The transactions using Litecoin are executed faster than Bitcoin transactions. You also get to buy more coins at a lower price also mining Litecoin is much easier and faster than Bitcoin mining.

You are right.