Who here, is the Amanda Johnson of Litecoin?

We need a Amanda Johnson kinda person to market on youtube.!! Any idea who?? I’m sure we can vote someone here to be that rep in you tube. If we can find that awesome person, let set up a donation slush fund. What you think??? I thought about to do it for the cause. Lmao, I can’t even type let alone a video Lmao!!! Does anyone know how much traffic on youtube pertaining to crypto currency?

I’m not sure that will help. I’m totally flabbergasted on why traders put all their money in BTC, as confirmation time on BTC is more than 2 hours average!!! (and getting higher and higher the last weeks).
Why invest in a coin that is in deadlock? How can we bring LTC to the attention of the big investers, that is more important imo.
Segwit could be something, but that looks like to take forever to get activated, WHY???
I’m really confused about the situation, LTC is a very good replacement for BTC. So why not invest in LTC??

With the japanese and korean market entering into crypto, there lookin for fast transaction time, because they love to shop. Will ethereum—dash-- smaller alt coin be they way to go.Honestly only reason Im in Bitcoin is for buying and trading other coins. Litecoin is where I park my cash until I need it. I saw ethereum was gonna go up so , I bought eth with bitcoin, and made a pretty good profit, in 2 weeks, now I moved my profit to litecoin to park,now I capped my litecoins, but left some ethreuem in case it goes up more. I screwed up not gettin into dash sooner grrrrrrrr! Made a few bucks on it. Duh. Segwit aint until maybe november? In the mean time go play with some of your Bitcoin ifyou think some coins bubbling— just go in and out and make few. I capped the amountof litecoin I have, and parked it in my hardwallet. If it goes up or down—I already made my money back.Now Im workin to build Eth and will capp it, after gettin what amount I want. Whats gonna be my next coin? Think positive and make some moves. :sunglasses: ETH–DASH --EVEN MONERO LOL

Don’t have any DASH…but the hype they put out as developers is impressive (in spite of the dubious instamining that was done in the past) …The dash folk tout the fact they want to get up to transaction speeds of Visa and MasterCard…other stuff to follow for innovating their coin…some of it dubious/risky…but movement non the less

Again (broken record) imho…LTC simply needs to be ‘more’ promoted…less reliance on what BTC does and more on some novel features to LTC …time to jump out of the nest …try other innovations/etc for LTC

but what do I know…I’m a ‘co-enabler’ on LTC…i mine it with knc titans and then ‘abuse’ the privilege by getting BTC
asap…it is ugly…but for the last 2 years it has been the ‘sensible’ bet…I long to be proven wrong on this theory
and whale/hoard 8k of LTC again…but anyway where I’m at (an have been) for quite a bit with LTC. :slight_smile:

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I made my decision for now anyways lmao! I have 55% bitcoin 20% Dash 10% Ethereum 10% Litecion. 5% I still dont know what to buy lol What you think? Waiting for all the upgrades and scc approva; LET ERRR RIPPPPPPPPP!! :astonished:

If SEC doesn’t approve there is a tracker on the Swedish Stock Exchange (Nasdaq OMX). It has been around for two years or so. I dont know about the regulations for american hedge-funds to trade those trackers, but hedgefunds in europe are more and more active. One tracker in SEK and one in EUR.

When it comes to petty cash I always buy some AUR…

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Hey bud! Your talking to an illterate—Im a brainless wonder What the heck is AUR ??? By the way with the 5% leftover I bought litecoin lmao! :grinning:

Haha. Litecoin works just fine. Here is some info on AUR (Auroracoin).

When it comes to “geografic” coins I find this one the most interesting…

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Yeah, wow it is interesting! What I did is that I put it against litecoin!!

RESULTS litecoin–litrecoin litecoin----------------Het bud thanks for the info ,You sure get around the crypto world Hawken!! :wink::wink:

My war plan.!! I have some bitcoin on Cex.Io, where I purchase ETH and Bitcoin. I buy and sell , set price and just wait. thats how I caught Eth on the upswing and bit coin. Sold portion and went to shapeshift and purchased Dash and bought litecoin and transferred it to my wallet. the Dash I transferred to my wallet. So far it works for me in a small way, but Im a happy camper… Iwas even able to send funds to my goldmoney account! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hiya Hawkis Guess what? I bought a bunch of auger on Poloniex. Yeah I like that coin!! Thanks for the tips!!:wink:

Happy for you but I mentioned Auroracoin (AUR) as to where I park my petty cash, not Augur. :))

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lol I made $14.00 just now on AUR, lol turned it to 4 litecoins lmao Just for the heck of it. :sunglasses: Total litecoins I made so far today 35 litecoin from today profits.

I am not a video guy, but i am creating a service for forums and will be using only litecoins as a payment method to help spreading the use of it.
I was wondering if you guys are willing to help promoting the service when i finish it.(it is a web service/subscription with affiliate program included)

Willing candidate here.

Advanced user of Vegas Pro and Photoshop.

Have 5 YouTube channels.

Some examples of my work can be seen:

Should be number one result in Google.


“Happy Gamer”

I could start a new channel devoted to Litecoin. Wondering if sponsorship or something would be possible.


Truthfully, with ltc having seg witness, the next Amanda Johnson, should BE Amanda Johnson.

Maybe, someone should ask her to expand her reach into ltc. :man_shrugging:

Auroracoin just released their android app on the play store and the Point of Sale software rollout is to be announced soon. Great time to get a share in the worlds first “national crypto”